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Hello Spring!!! Finally

Did it feel like the longest freaking winter to you? Please tell me it was not just me!
Here in Pittsburgh currently its still cold but looking ahead I see some warmth and If i am really lucky sunshine!

So How are you doing on working towards your goals? You still doing them or did you lose your drive? Im telling you it happens. Just come back you are worth it and your health is so important! If you don’t know my story I started working out after losing my Dad to a massive heart attack when he was just 51. The fear that I was going to do the exact same thing as him to my children was enough to get my ass in gear. So that has kept me on track for a long time. Having a strong why is CRUCIAL. Also, you help me! Thats right you! How can I tell you the importance of working out and eating healthier and sit on my ass and eat an entire pizza. I wouldn’t be a very good coach. And another thing that keeps me going is the accountability groups! They are a place to check in and track my goals, workouts and shakeology.

As you know summer is quickly approaching and you are going to start seeing everywhere work on your summer body. A ton of gimmicks and quick fixes. The perfect way to get your bikini body. Allow me to say something…. Lets work on loving our selves and being the healthiest versions of ourselves and forget about that perfect image we made up in our heads. Okay?

I challenge you, to eat healthy! I got back on the nutrition wagon seriously 34 days ago and my ENERGY! Try it~! and tell me how it goes. I also challenge you to move your body at least 30 min a day! And last but most importantly… Personal development! Get your mind right! Mental Health is so important! Do you accept?


Ultimate Portion Fix

Learn all about how to eat for your body and your goals. Nutrition for the entire family. Recipes Meal prep and bonus of the 21 Day fix and Fix Extreme Reboot workouts.

April 8th


We workout and log our shakes in the group. While you get support and accountability and daily tips from the coaches!

April 8th


I cannot wait to hear from you!!

Your Coach
Kala Williamson

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Cobb Salad Pita

1 green (cup) lettuce (I used butter)

1 red (3/4) cup with shredded chicken and a little real bacon bits

1 blue (1/4) avacodo and TBSP blue cheese crumbles

1 orange (2 tbsp) balsamic vinaigrette

Whole wheat pita (1.5 yellow)