Why you should stop quitting your health journey.

The first reason… This is a big one. Starting over sucks. Like big time.
Think about it you work your ass off, to get derailed. Throw your hand up in the air. Oh well I’m done. I fucked up…

Let’s take a look at what happens when you quit working out.

At first your body is like oh hey! Let’s recover. That’s great sometimes you need that.

But eventually (a week) not very much time right? You start to lose the muscle definition you worked so hard to put on. Then it all goes down hill.

Maybe you quit because you’re not seeing a difference. What about what is happening inside of you? To your heart? You can’t see those changes! And it can take some time to notice an outward difference! That is why I always say take pics!

Let me ask you one more thing. When are you going to stop giving up on yourself? Stop quitting on  yourself! As a coach I want you to succeed to be happy and healthy. But when you quit, your disappointing yourself!

Be so determined that nothing will get in your way!


Cize Results and Review!

Did a video again!!!

Here are my before and afters…





Cize Full Out…

Couple things on this…

~Im sad week 2 is coming to an end. These dances were blast.
~ I am a mess always at the end of these “workouts” but during I don’t notice because they are fun.
~ We have gotten WAY better
~ Doing this with Brianna may have been one of my best ideas. She’s gonna be 13 and soon will probably not like me very much.
~ Party Socks make anything better
~I am waiting for someone to ask me to be a backup dancer.
~You are never too old to DREAM BIG
~I put to test my Editing skills unfortunately I can’t actually edit the dance moves… 

Block 2 P90X3

I should have wrote this last week. I did not I have no excuse. It happens. Block 2… I liked more than block 1. It included more weights and less meowing. Sorry Tony not a fan of that. I don’t believe he says as many corny jokes when weights are involved. Thank


The workouts. These are for 3 weeks

Eccentric Upper

During the down phase of the move you move very slow. Eccentric training focuses on slowing down the elongation of the muscle process in order to challenge the muscles, which can lead to stronger muscles, faster muscle repair and increasing metabolic rate. This was a little harder to get used to. The slowing down of the workout. But you could feel the difference in the workout!


Think of Plyometrics all moves are not jumping in the workout.  But trio… So it is one move 3 different ways. All focusing on the lower body.


X3 Yoga

This becomes a weekly practice. Every week you will be doing yoga one day. Which is important. Flexibility training really does change the way that your muscles tone, instead of constantly working them. I have noticed a huge difference in my balance!


Eccentric Lower.

Lower body workout. With weight slowing on the down phase. This is killer


Name says enough… It is all upper body jumping from push ups to pull ups to weights.


I saw the name was like awe shit this is lame. I was wrong. I don’t really care for mmx because I hate getting the sequences down. I pretty much stumble through it. But I was dripping with sweat. This is hard, but you are kicking and punching so you do not really notice the work going into it.


Transition week is



Accelerator – whew

Pilates X


X3 Yoga


What I am learning through this workout. Is it has taken me out of my comfort zone completely. Tony has a way of taking a traditional move and tweaking it. To make you challenge yourself. Making me really focus on myself and the movement. Leaving the bull shit of life on hold. I have never had to balance as much as I do in this plan. I am taking more risks and trying moves that I know I am not going to get right away. Thats ok this journey is not about perfection.

So for whoever is reading this. Keep pushing forward. Take risks and enjoy the challenge. Share your journey with others. Who cares if you put yourself out there and are a bit different. Be Weird. You could be the inspiration to someone else. You could be that person who gives someone the power to change.

Have a great week! Do something today to make a better you!




Why eat healthy and workout?

So I have been on this journey for around 5 yrs now. Give or take a bit. I have been a coach for 2 yes. I was listening to “You are a Badass.” By Jen Sincere. Why Personal Development?? Well my journey is about overall improvement that’s mentally as well as physically. Part of my job as a coach is to get people to change how they feel about themselves. And well… You can’t give what you don’t have. So I work on it.


She said something that I never really thought on why eat healthy and move.

“We need our bodies far more than our body needs us.”

Huh. Makes you think. Bet you never thought of it like that.

I used to live by the motto. and “Life is short.” Bull shit.

Although time does fly by. Life is not short. And if I can help it I will be around as long as I can.

If you sit on your ass all the time and feed yourself crap. You are going to feel like crap and probably be fat. You have a fast metabolism so you can eat whatever… Right? Wrong. Ever heard of skinny fat?

You may be thin. But what about the stuff you can’t see. Skinny does not mean healthy.

So take care of yourself. Get 30 min of exercise in daily. Hate working out? Grow up. Lol or find something you do like to do!

Make healthy food choices. I’m not saying you can’t ever indulge. In fact just yesterday I housed some general tsos chicken. Hahaha Worth it. Did I feel guilty? Nope I make good choices most of the time. It is about moderation.

What are you going to do to change tour lifestyle? To possibly save your life?!


Round 2 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!!

I did it again!! I finished another round. I freaking love this program. Love Autumn! Today I decided to switch it up and do something different with P90X3. Kind of like damn 90 days?! But oh well. Lets do this! Right?

Back to what I was saying…

I did round 2 of the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I never missed a single workout and ended on time. Here is what I did not do so great…

The meal plan. Not that I ate bad. I generally eat pretty healthy, I have the occasional cheat meal and I just went Gluten free to help with my Endometriosis.  Check out that diet here. I however did not write down what I was eating. Did great with getting my veggies and fruits in! YAY! Slacked a little on Protein and Carbs. I also went way over on the blues… (this is the healthy fats, nuts, cheese) I have a thing for kind bars right now. And Trader Joes just opened near me. They have these spicy sweet pecans. (TO DIE FOR!) I have been snacking on them too much and they have been a nice addition to my salads.

Still proud of myself! Why? Well I did the workout to plan, did not eat bad. My clothes still first great and I added muscle definition. So my dream body by my 30th Bday is still a go!

Remember your Journey does not have to be perfect!!


Top is Round 1 Bottom Round 2

Flex 21 dfx

Top Round 1 Bottom Round 2

New Coach Training!

Can I ask what would $100 extra a month mean to you or your family? What about $500, or $1,000?

Would it be crazy for me to tell you that me as a stay at home mom, is able to make extra cash for my family, in just a short amount of time? And it happens to be with something that I am super passionate about. My “job” has made me a better person, healthier, more active, and I get to help people reach this too. I have met some amazing people and have built a team of people that I am proud to have a part of my life. Doesn’t feel like a job though. I truly Enjoy what I do! 

What if this could be for you? I will be opening up a training for 5 ladies in April that want to make a difference in their own and someone else’s life. In 21 days we will get your business started and your body.

We will work in a Private group setting and 1:1 so that you can get started right.

This may be for you fill out the application… http://bit.ly/1knQwtYsuccess starters

Back at it!

Hey!!! Today was day 2 of my workouts!! Woohoo!! Day 2!! Why am I excited about that? Well although I don’t always want to workout, or love to do them, but finally feeling good and getting back to it feels great!! Plus I was starting to lose all the hard work that I had put into my body. I want to look strong… What am I doing now?

Body Beast

body beast

I wanted to share with you my before pictures.

bb front bb side bb back


My stats are…
Weight 145.4
Bust 33
R arm 11
L arm 10.75
Waist 29
Hips 37.5
R thigh 21
L thigh 21

Total inches… 163.25

The schedule is 6 on and one off. So far I have done chest and Tris. Then leg day whew.

Day 1


Day 2

Wish me luck!!