Accepting Applications as a Team Beachbody Coach


Have you ever thought about making an additional income for your family, from the comfort of your work home, while reaching your fitness goals?

I am looking for 20 ladies that are serious about creating a JOB they LOVE and are PASSIONATE about.

Please apply only if you are serious.

Together we will create a successful business, work on getting you healthy and strong!

Requirements? Just a passion and desire to help others!!

Apply at…

Training group Starts Monday May 2nd!

In 30 days we will get your business running while getting you in the Best shape!

Cize Results and Review!

Did a video again!!!

Here are my before and afters…





Now Accepting Applications

Have you ever though of making an additional income for your fan, from home, while reaching your fitness goals?

Coaching has allowed me to continue to stay home with my 3 kiddos, and help out the financial burden that has been placed on my husband. Its awesome to contribute! Plus I feel like I have a real Purpose in life, besides being just a MOM!

-must genuinely want to help and encourage others through their journey.

-you DO NOT have to be a health and fitness professional or at your goal.

-Want to live a life by design. You are your own BOSS, Make your own hours.


-You are Coachable!

If this sounds like something you would like to be apart of. If this sounds like something you may want to do. Fill out the application.



Can we talk about something that I never really bring up? Im not really sure why I don’t. To be honest I think its the reaction from others. Like Im going to hound them to join me in this “cult” or keep bugging them to buy a program. That they’re going to be like “Oh you’re a Beachbody Coach, thats such a load of Bull Shit.” Why do I care. Seriously… I freaking love my job. And I would never hound anyone you don’t want in on this. Fine. I don’t care. You need to do what works for you! These programs, have completely changed my body. I would not promote something that does not work. I am not a liar. I never was, in fact Im really bad at it and my moral compass does not allow it. wpid-wp-1434575470044.jpeg

Can we talk about the Business I build. ME… From my kitchen table or the couch. From my phone at the mall playground or park bench. Because I stay home with my kids.11403341_10153549715820921_4325088675068332010_n-1 This baby is all mine. and although I may have dropped the ball a bit this summer because I was out of town 4 out of 6 weeks and Having a blast. I still was bringing in a weekly income with minimal work. I was living it up. And to still be getting paid while not really doing anything. Pretty freaking awesome. Am I right?

So what does it take to do what I do? Well a big part is working on yourself so you can be a better person, like personal development. You can’t be Debbie Downer and help people change their lives.


Think about it. Would you want to talk to Negative Nancy about getting in shape? Nope.

Be a product of the product. Well Hello I love all the products, I drink the Shakeology. So why not save some money on it and help other people achieve the best results possible while they are on they’re journey. Do you have to be at your goal to be a coach? No, showing you are working on yourself. Makes you more relatable sharing that we are not robots. Life happens, shit happens. You are working on being better you are not a machine!


Talking to people. Inviting them to join you, Inviting them to challenges, or free groups. Finding out about them. This is up my alley social media is a way for me to connect with adults. So if I message you to say HI. Thats all thats about I am not going to be like you should buy this… blah blah blah. I want to have an adult conversation.

This job, which does not feel like work to me at all. Has connected me back to the outside world. I feel like a better mom. I have a piece of me back. You know the one that was not just all about her kids. Although I have been a mom for almost 13 years now. OMG WAHHHHHH

If any of these describe you being a coach may be something you would like…

  • Goal Oriented
  • Coachable
  • Working on yourself is a priority
  • Want to help others and enjoy it
  • Health and Fitness is a passion
  • Want to work for yourself, set your own pace, work the hours or minutes you want
  • Use Beachbody products already (seriously if you are using them why not save the $$)

Questions for me, seriously you can ask me anything I will be honest! Post it in the comments or shoot me an email!

Thinking you may want to give coaching a try.

Guess what it is??!

ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!  AHHHHHHHHHHH!! I cannot believe its July already and I will be 30 on the 15th. Holy Shit. Someone hand me a bag!!

Where the hell have I been? Well I was at the Ocean from June 20th thru the 27th…

11403341_10153549715820921_4325088675068332010_n-1We had a great week the weather was awesome. There was a slight scare with a hammer head shark spotting. I did not see the beast. But you best believe that I was on the look out and a helicopter parent that day!!

I go back to the beach this Friday! I know tough life… I have been out of town every other week the past month. (Columbus, home, Ocean City, home, now Sand-bridge). The added bonus is I have a business that travels and I can work from anywhere. I have been able to check in with my coaches and challengers on the go. I pick my hours and days I am working so none of that is suffering!! Sound like something you may want to do? Well join me on a mission to End the Trend.  Come here.

How do I stay on track? Well remember that post I did on Experiencing B.O.D?  No… Shame on you…

11391469_10153549182745921_2250954994437280228_nI brought my workouts with me. I had workout buddies!! So cute you can’t see their bands. but they did that entire workout with me! (Little eyes are watching and you never know who you are inspiring.)

One day I took it out side and ran for the first time in over a year with my sister! We survived but it was HOT AS BALLS. HAHAHAHAHA


My sissy!! She is way tanner than me… Loser

Nutrition on vaca… I did not do awful. I had smoothies ( ran out of Shakeology the day before I left. WAHHHH of course it showed at my door as I was traveling.) and fruit and a lot of sandwiches I was lazy and did not want to cook. But beer. oh I love beer and I had a lot lol. I did not really do to much damage. Since I was working out and running around with 5 kids. They keep you busy… Trust me!!!

Now I am home! Finishing up P90X3. Last day is Friday! HOLLA and my nutrition has been on point. Cause I am getting ready to do this all over again!!

With that being said I am planning on doing a 3 day refresh to detox lol. Want to join me? Send me an email! we can help each other get through those 3 days!!

I also have a challenge starting the 13th. Let me know if you are interested!

New Coach Training!

Can I ask what would $100 extra a month mean to you or your family? What about $500, or $1,000?

Would it be crazy for me to tell you that me as a stay at home mom, is able to make extra cash for my family, in just a short amount of time? And it happens to be with something that I am super passionate about. My “job” has made me a better person, healthier, more active, and I get to help people reach this too. I have met some amazing people and have built a team of people that I am proud to have a part of my life. Doesn’t feel like a job though. I truly Enjoy what I do! 

What if this could be for you? I will be opening up a training for 5 ladies in April that want to make a difference in their own and someone else’s life. In 21 days we will get your business started and your body.

We will work in a Private group setting and 1:1 so that you can get started right.

This may be for you fill out the application… starters



I’ve spent a good bit of my life trying to fit in. Never really feeling great about myself and unsure of where I wanted to go. I entered motherhood at 17 while all my friends were looking hot, living it up, and going to college. I was raising a baby. I’ve been trying to conform and fit in or be in the background forever. Until Beachbody.

Now I don’t want to fit in… I want to STAND OUT! I want to make a difference. Helping people is something I’ve always wanted to do. Helping them Stand out is even better!

I couldn’t be more proud of my team. I am looking to Mentor 2-3 ladies who know they have a bigger calling, love to help others, want to create FREEDOM in their life. (and get some pretty awesome fitness results.)

Sound like you? Apply Below

What is Coaching

Why do they always pick the stills where you look awful lol?

Think this is something you may want to do?


Why Become a Beachbody Coach?


why not

Here’s a few reasons why you may want to be a Coach!

1. You LOVE Fitness!! Being a coach means you need to lead by example. Or Practice what you Preach! One of the main things is Fitness! You love it! Great! Share your story and help others get there too! You can help pair them up to what we like to call their “Soul Mate” workout. Then from the start you are there to help encourage, or push if needed in the right direction. Your goal is to get them to love what they are doing and even better… Get the Results!

2. Your a stay at Home Mom! Hello that’s what I am. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to have extra spending money and help out financially. This also helps connect me into the real world. Love my kids, but sometimes adult interaction is much needed!

3. You want to set your own hours and be your own Boss!! You have been in the business world and y0u are sick of working for someone else. You want to key to your potential and rising up to be in your own hands. Did you know being a Coach you have endless earning possibilities? Whether you would like to make an additional $50 a week or be a 6 figure owner.

4. You Freaking LOVE Shakeology and Beachbody Products! Raise your hand if this is you! WOOHOO! Ok you love the products and your drinking the Shakes, but your thinking Coaching may not be for you… That’s ok. People sign up all the time to be what we call a “Discount Coach” why not save some $$? And get the inside scoop of all the Awesome products. And Hey… Some of the TOP Coaches on the Team I am a part of started for the discount.

5. You need a Positive Uplifting Support System! Done with Negative Nancy’s? whoomp whoomp… There is no better thing then a Team of Beachbody Coaches to give you a Swift kick in the ASS when you are feeling Down and the Dumps. The Best part is every single one of us wants to see you SUCCEED! In whatever it is that you decide that may be, your business, your health and fitness. We want you to do good. Cheesy slogan coming… We are BETTER TOGETHER!   AHHHHHH I know sounds lame, but so true. You will not find a Better group of people!

Do you feel like you would be a Great Coach! Connect with me by filling out an Application! (Why an application?  I just want to get to know you!)

You know you were meant for this…

Join my Team