Keeping your Motivation!

I am not new to this whole fitness thing. My current status took me a total of 7 years with a pregnancy in there. There is something that did change however. Before my second child Mackenzie I was nothing like I am today. At all… I did however do the yo-yo dieting.

You know what that is? Thats when you reach your goal for your weight whatever way you can to get it off. Mine was usually from some ridiculous fad diet where I was starving and miserable. You give your self a high five and then you go back to your old habits and there goes your goal. Bring out the fat pants again. Anyone else do this?

So what changed? My perspective did. Before Beachbody this was my reason now its my Why. It is so strong that anytime I want to quit I think about it. Put on my big girl pants and move my ass.

Many of you know my story. But if you don’t I will do a quick break down. I am a teen mom, I lost my dad when he was 51 to a massive heart attack, this was just 4 yrs after congestive heart failure where he was warned to get his shit together. I was 20 my sister was 23. His family decided we were old enough to figure out funeral expenses ect. So that year was hell. We had to sell his truck to pay for his burial and pretty much everything else he owned to take care of debts. It is a time I do not like to rehash and it scarred me deeply. The girl I was before he passed is dead. She died with him. I had a downward spiral for a bit where i would drink wine and cry ask my sister…

I married the love of my life a year and a week later. We had our second and I realized. I was no better I was going to do the same shit. There is a family history of heart disease and I was not helping it. So I got my act together and this started. I refuse to allow anything take me away from missing a second of my daughters lives if it is something that I can control.

I have 100% control of my heart health. I maintain that through diet and exercise. They will never experience that heart ache.  I am so passionate about this that I decided I would help others with this too, that is why I coach.

How do I keep my motivation? You just read it a very strong why. I started this for them and then it shifted to be for me too. I am better mom, wife, and person. I don’t hate myself my attitude has shifted. My fathers death taught me a very strong life lesson. Although i would rather him have met his other grandchildren and be with us, his death is not in vain.

To keep yourself going. Find a reason a WHY that nothing could make you quit! It has to be near to you and close to your heart. What motivates me may not necessarily work for you.

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Go back to your why….

I did this post a couple days ago on my Facebook!

But I wanted to show you that it is not always easy to stick to your plan… That life does not always go the way you want it to.


” Every little thing that i do goes back to my why… You see today I’m tired my little one ended up sleeping in bed with me last nights which means crappy night of sleep for mom. I wanted to set today up as a wash start fresh tomorrow. But how is that going to help me reach my goals? Its not so I push forward and follow my schedule. I can rest later.”

Go back to your WHY! What is your why? Its the reason you started to change in the first place. It is your DRIVE behind your journey. As you evolve that can change too.

Finding your why…

A big factor of motivation is figuring out WHY you are doing it. Why you decided in the first place that it was time to make a change.


I started my journey shortly after my 2nd child. I believe I started for everyone but me. I found comfort in food and booze, I knew that needed to stop. I wanted to never be the frumpy wife or the mom that could not run after her kids. But it was for them, for my family. See I became just a Mom. Everything was about the family and I started to lose Me. I had my first daughter at 17, so I never really figured out exactly who I was anyway. A mother is all I knew that I wanted to be.

Over time this started to shift. I do this workouts for me. So I can feel good about myself and love the way I look. So I can be a role model. Not just to my kids but to others fighting through the same battle. That 30 minutes I pit in just about every morning is for ME. It is a priority and I refuse to get lost behind other things now. Taking 30 minutes for myself is not selfish it is necessary. What’s your why? Do it for you.