Round 2 Day 2…

What does she mean?! I know I am being mysterious. And a huge dork! Hey Im on Day 2 of The 3 day refresh cut me some slack!

3day.png refresh

I am def not this happy right now. But I will be lol.If you are wondering, “What the hell is The 3 Day Refresh?” You can go here.

First off, I did not do this to lose weight, I am very happy with where I am currently at. (I can keep improving muscle definition and that is a current goal) The 3 Day Refresh is a great way to jump start weight loss if that is what you are looking for. It will help you reduce cravings. Which is what I needed.

Hello, my name is Kala and I am a coffee addict. We are not talking a cup or 2, we are talking 3+ daily… NO just NO I should be able to function without that much caffeine. I also was laying in bed till 2 staring at the walls… hmmmmm I wonder why???

coffee hugeIt couldn’t be because of the abundant amount on coffee I guzzle each day. I was starting to counter effect it with wine…

I also have for some reason been breaking out on my face. Apparently my face did not get the memo that I am 29 and not 13… WEIRD and slightly Annoying.

Like Do I need to write it a note?


So Any Way How are my days so far.

Day One. Went Pretty well did not get overly hungry and was way better when I kept myself distracted, so I worked a lot yesterday… Here’s what my food looked like.

I was also very achy and crashed at like 930. It was not a solid sleep because I was sore. I was cranky in the morning and almost caved and had a slight cheat of coffee. Rest easy I did not. Day 2 got better after I did a little Piyo with Riley.

And we got out of the house. Not hungry which is great and I cant wait for bed. (Side note… I should be going up on St hood any minute for making my family 2 nights in a row without a single cheat. So Yay me!!) Day 2 food..

So I cannot wait to share my results with you all on Thursday!!

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Coconut Roasted Veggies

Ok this recipe is from the Refresh but I decided instead of just steaming the veggies I wanted them roasted. And I added some spices.

1/2 cup water

1/2 cup fresh chopped broccoli

1/2 cup sliced carrot

1/2 cup fresh cauliflower

1/2 tsp coconut oil

1/4 tsp sea salt

sprinkle with mrs.Dash fiesta lime seasoning (use any salt free that you would like.)

Add water to saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the veggies in cover and gook for 4/5 min or until tender. place veggies on a pan drizzle with coconut oil and seasonings. Broil on high until browned and enjoy.


This is one serving!