Tips for Weight Loss…

I have been sitting around thinking of all the different things I say to my Coaches and Challengers, that I decided to share. Now I am not an expert… I was once a certified Personal Trainer and I am in a course to be a certified Nutritional Therapist. These “tips” are just things I have learned along the way that really help me keep moving.

Have a really strong reason WHY.

I cannot tell you how many times in my 29 years that I started to workout. I was gonna eat healthier and feel better about myself. I was going to be happy and I was not going to quit this time… SQUIRREL

What would happen? I would get discouraged I would fall off the wagon and go back to my old ways. It all changed when my WHY was stronger than any reason I could think about not doing it. This has to be important for you.


You have to want it. 

You have to want to change. It cannot be for your spouse or significant other. (Doing this for your kids may be the one exception) If you start this journey for another person that thinks you need to lose. You will not stick to it and may even start to resent them.

Change your Thoughts on Yourself.

I DO NOT CARE where you are on this journey. Self Hate does absolutely no good. for you or anyone around you. PERIOD. If you are constantly talking down on yourself you will not change. This journey is Mental as well as physical. You need to learn to Love yourself. I strongly recommend the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincere

Not a Diet but a Lifestyle.

Every time I go on a diet I fail. Why? I do good for a while then I binge oh well there goes the diet. Or I reach my goal go back to old habit. All the hard work I just accomplished poof gone. And it comes back wayyyyyyyy faster then it left. Why in the hell would you constantly want to do that to yourself? Seriously yo-yoing through life is not a way to live. This goes with the post above. Wrapping your head around healthy eating being a constant can be hard at first. But once you get it down when you do stray. Its like thats Ok I enjoyed it I will make a better choice next time. I thoroughly enjoy my life and food is a big part of that, but it no longer controls my life.



Be excited for every step during your health journey. This shit is hard so enjoy it. I cannot count how many times I hear “I only lost… this week” I don’t care if you lost .1 lbs that week! Did you gain? No! How do you feel? Each day you are making a step in healthier direction. You are creating a better version of yourself! Enjoy the hell out of that! Seriously!!! Also learn how to celebrate with out food!


Find what works for you!

What works for me may not work for you and thats ok. Find what you love to do and stick with it. You may want to go to a gym, or be in solitude of your own home. Or run out side. Find your groove Stella…

Cut out the Comparisons 

Everybody is different and that is a beautiful thing! Comparing your journey to someone else’s will not benefit you! People carry weight and lose it differently. The only competition you should have is being a better person than you were yesterday!


I hope these all help you! Focus on the positive, all around you don’t constantly be searching for what you are lacking. You don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful things you are doing right now.

Surviving the Holidays.

snowmenSay What?  I could not help but write something about this. I hear all kinds of excuses for why people are waiting to start living a healthier life style. My favorite…

I will get started after the Holidays.

Um Why?  It is 4 days. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, and New Years. So you need that excuse to eat like a fat ass through every holiday party you attend? It has been claimed that Americans gain 5-10 lbs from Halloween until the end of December.

hoiday season

Stop using holidays as a binge eating excuse. I am not saying you cant indulge a little, but have some control. Pick and chose what you are going to eat.

Tips for getting through the holidays without having to purchase bigger pants…

  • Drink water.
  • Offer to bring a healthy dish. You can do this without making it super obvious.
  • Do not go starving!
  • Do not skip meals before hand because you know you are going to indulge just a little.
  • Be Honest with yourself. If you eat a dozen cookies own up to it. Denial does nothing for you!
  • Find support. (I am running challenges that go through the holidays to hold you accountable, I am not your cup of tea? Ok find someone that is!)
  • Keep your portion sizes in check.
  • Avoid peanuts, pretzels, and chips and normal everyday snacks. Spend calories on special treats.
  • Don’t set up shop right beside all the food.
  • Mingle.
  • Wear something special, or form fitting. Even a belt. A reminder that you may become uncomfortable if you overdo it.

I hope this can help get through the holidays with out expanding your waistline…