Mom Bods

Has anyone ever seen the post from buzzfeed on Mom-Bods?

If you have not check it! Seriously!! Just do it!!



So I was not going to post this at all!! Snapped this pic to show my sister and hubby the bathing suit I got on the wish app for $9 (with shipping yes I know that’s FANFREAKINGTASTIC!!!!)

Ladies… Download that app! Or maybe don’t I buy like one thing a week on there the prices are amazing! And who doesn’t want to look like an American Flag when they are swimming.



But I want to admit to you all…

Hi I am Kala and I have a Mom Bod. And I did not always rock it with confidence. In fact I hated it. I was self conscience and if I am being 100% honest with you sometimes I still am. (Human here)

So moms. Rock on display your stretch marks of you want! If you don’t that’s cool too. Be confident with your imperfections you created a life or more (me I created 3)! imagesBe proud of the hard work you put into your body!