Number one reason people fail

So it got cut off at the end, I got a call… But you get the point

Tough Love Tuesday…

It is time to give you all some tough love, I want to ask you all a question. What is the number one reason people fail when they are trying to lose weight?


Enter Jeopardy Music

What do you think this is?


That’s right that one little word! I have heard them all. My Favorite… I Don’t have time. Ummmm What are you doing right now? Are you sitting on your ass reading this? (Don’t get me wrong! I love that you take time to read my blog and hope you continue. I am thankful for it! I hope that the time I take to write these posts help you in some way. That’s my goal!)

Are you Taking time to scroll through your Facebook news feed getting lost in the drama that is constantly there with people that you don’t really know. Sitting down watching hours of mindless TV? Reading 50 Shades of Grey again? (I totally admit I did this… What the movie is coming out!!)

So time for a little Tough Love. Your excuses are Bull shit. Do you have spare time in your day to Relax? Then you have time to add a 30 min workout. That is 2% of your day. When you think about it like that it does not seem like much time. Right?! If it is Important to you, then you will make the time if not then you will make an excuse!

Now let me ask you something else. Why the hell isn’t your health a Priority? Seriously. I don’t get it, do you enjoy feeling like crap all the time, or hating the way you look? If the answer is NO! Then DO SOMETHING about it! YOU are Responsible for your own life.