Never Miss A Monday!


So you have all heard this but why?!
Well how do you want to start out your week of hectic crazy. Your kids are going back to school after the weekend. You may or may not be going back to work. You have to prepare your self to get back into the grind of schedules, after a weekend of having fun.

Where do you think that energy is going to come from?

A kick ass workout!!

What you do on Monday is pretty much how you start your week. So why not beat out those Monday Blues?

Did you have parties over the weekend and over indulge? Its the holiday season so my weekends are jam packed with parties and birthdays and I  am def not staying on track the way I should. I do not want to prove the statistic of how much Americans gain during the holidays right. No thank you.

Tips to get through holiday parties…

If you start with a workout your chances of making healthier choices increase.

Your exhausted And you have the shittiest workout ever?! Don’t worry about it. Serious happens to the best of us. Remember this…


So start your week off right! Make your Mondays slightly better.

Remember these 4 rules…