Shift Shop RESULTs and honest review

The newest workout! And it did not disappoint. I saw some great results with this one. I pretty much followed the meal plan to a T and did not miss a single workout. Let me explain this one a bit.

Shift Shop was created by Ohio native Chris Downing. It focuses on shifting your mind and ramping up. It is a rapid program. The workouts go from 25 min 3 days of speed (cardio) 3 days of strength and a mobility day. Week 2 jumps to 35 min. Week 4 is 45 min. and you do a 10 min ab workout 2 days as well.

The meal plan. Very similar to the 21 Day fix plan except carbs. Your list is way more limited and grain free.

• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed

• Sweet potato, 1⁄2 cup chopped
• Yams (regular, white, tropical [batata]),

1⁄2 cup chopped
• Parsnips, 1⁄2 cup sliced
• White potato, 1⁄2 cup mashed or 1⁄2 medium
• Peas, 1⁄2 cup
• Beans (kidney, black, garbanzo, white, lima, fava,

pink, pigeon, [gandules], etc.), 1⁄2 cup cooked, drained • Lentils, 1⁄2 cup cooked, drained
• Edamame, 1⁄2 cup shelled
• Refried beans (nonfat), 1⁄2 cup


• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed

• Sweet potato, 1⁄2 cup chopped
• Yams (regular, white, tropical [batata]),

1⁄2 cup chopped
• Parsnips, 1⁄2 cup sliced
• White potato, 1⁄2 cup mashed or 1⁄2 medium


• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed


Also you were losing a carb a week. Where I started on the plan I had 2 carbs week one, 1 carb week two and then NONE!


I know sounds crazy. But I have endometriosis and grains tend to bloat me and generally make me feel like crap. So I felt amazing and had some serious energy!

Mentally the food was the hardest part for me! I am an emotional eater. Happy snack, sad heres a snack, joyous snack time! You get it! Yes I know that is bad but I let that get in the way this summer and spent a good bit of time hovering Doritos. YUCK but soooooo good lol. So mentally slapping that shitty habit out of my mind is hard. Plus I hate telling myself I can’t have something! Its like the toddler in me. I believe in moderation, but since I am being honest moderation went out the window the second the kids school let out for summer. And I was feeling the shitty decisions I made.

I followed the plan to a T! Except for when I had a wedding and drinks at the beach and I had Drinkkkkkksssss. But Hey I am not perfect and I made the decision to enjoy these events.


The program is a ramp up program. What the hell does that mean? Basically the workout gets longer weekly. You start at 25 min, jump to 35, then to 45. Every week 3 days is speed (cardio) 3 days is strength. And 2 days you add 10 min of abs.

Strength is usually my jam, but I felt with this one they moved too fast and until you get the form down and the move if you keep up with the video you will get hurt. In fact one week I smacked myself in the face with a  12 lb. weight. Yep… remembering that this is not the first time these people have done the workout is KEY. Slow down and focus on form.

I finished! Leaner and mentally stronger then probably ever.

I really had every intention of going into a round 2 immediately. Which I started and round 2 is different you do 35, 45, then 50!!! ugggggggggg The meal plan was starting off at week 2 then you repeat it and then go to week 3.

I never do 2 rounds of the same program in a row.  I need change so I am really not sure what I was thinking. Plus this program is def not a favorite of mine. Although the results kicked ass. I tried tho everyday for 3 days I talked myself into it and talked myself into not turning it off the entire time. I half assed each day and forced them I was miserable. So I stopped. I will do it eventually I just needed something else in between!


In the 3 short weeks of this program I lost…

9.9 inches!!!!

2.6 alone in the waist.

I also dropped 4.2 lbs.

I gained a boat load of energy and mental strength.





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Keeping your Motivation!

I am not new to this whole fitness thing. My current status took me a total of 7 years with a pregnancy in there. There is something that did change however. Before my second child Mackenzie I was nothing like I am today. At all… I did however do the yo-yo dieting.

You know what that is? Thats when you reach your goal for your weight whatever way you can to get it off. Mine was usually from some ridiculous fad diet where I was starving and miserable. You give your self a high five and then you go back to your old habits and there goes your goal. Bring out the fat pants again. Anyone else do this?

So what changed? My perspective did. Before Beachbody this was my reason now its my Why. It is so strong that anytime I want to quit I think about it. Put on my big girl pants and move my ass.

Many of you know my story. But if you don’t I will do a quick break down. I am a teen mom, I lost my dad when he was 51 to a massive heart attack, this was just 4 yrs after congestive heart failure where he was warned to get his shit together. I was 20 my sister was 23. His family decided we were old enough to figure out funeral expenses ect. So that year was hell. We had to sell his truck to pay for his burial and pretty much everything else he owned to take care of debts. It is a time I do not like to rehash and it scarred me deeply. The girl I was before he passed is dead. She died with him. I had a downward spiral for a bit where i would drink wine and cry ask my sister…

I married the love of my life a year and a week later. We had our second and I realized. I was no better I was going to do the same shit. There is a family history of heart disease and I was not helping it. So I got my act together and this started. I refuse to allow anything take me away from missing a second of my daughters lives if it is something that I can control.

I have 100% control of my heart health. I maintain that through diet and exercise. They will never experience that heart ache.  I am so passionate about this that I decided I would help others with this too, that is why I coach.

How do I keep my motivation? You just read it a very strong why. I started this for them and then it shifted to be for me too. I am better mom, wife, and person. I don’t hate myself my attitude has shifted. My fathers death taught me a very strong life lesson. Although i would rather him have met his other grandchildren and be with us, his death is not in vain.

To keep yourself going. Find a reason a WHY that nothing could make you quit! It has to be near to you and close to your heart. What motivates me may not necessarily work for you.

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What’s up?!!!!!

Heyyyyyyyy!! Sorry no blog posts in a while! I am just adjusting with this thing called life! You know what I mean?!

Ok so nothing went wrong! It did however change! I am like freaking rain man and you change up my schedule I am a mess! So I got a job folks! Waitressing… Only on the weekends. With the hubbys schedule it’s all I could do.

I love my kids but after being in the house for the last 8 yrs… I was starting to lose my fucking mind! So I made this decision (with the hubster) for me and my fam. Still doing Beachbody! Just needed a change! But wow am I out of it…

It’s been 3 weeks now lol.

So fitness wise! I just completed again the 21 day fix extreme Sunday.   Pretty pumped with my results!

Workouts are a strong point for me!!

It’s nutrition that is way harder! I really love to eat! A lot… seriously besides sex it’s my favorite! Hahahahaha I feel way better when I eat good and I look better! Drinking beer and wine is up there in my list too but it takes days to recover.

Not perfect! Working on getting better! With nutrition I’m either on point or eating everything I can get my hands on… Oh well. This is life! I’m working on the moderation thing again! I refuse to tell myself I can’t have something.

Newest workout came out Dec 1st!

So I ordered it!! These 2 trainers are my personal favorites! I love their workouts so having the together makes me super happy and excited! (I’m lame I get it!)

Woke up today with this purchased bad boy in my Beachbody On Demand catalog! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Befores, measurements, and calorie calculations done! First workout in the books and today marks my 60 day journey!!

Will keep you all up to faulted as I go! Need help? Contact me!! I don’t bite… (Most of the time!)

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Round 2 Day 2…

What does she mean?! I know I am being mysterious. And a huge dork! Hey Im on Day 2 of The 3 day refresh cut me some slack!

3day.png refresh

I am def not this happy right now. But I will be lol.If you are wondering, “What the hell is The 3 Day Refresh?” You can go here.

First off, I did not do this to lose weight, I am very happy with where I am currently at. (I can keep improving muscle definition and that is a current goal) The 3 Day Refresh is a great way to jump start weight loss if that is what you are looking for. It will help you reduce cravings. Which is what I needed.

Hello, my name is Kala and I am a coffee addict. We are not talking a cup or 2, we are talking 3+ daily… NO just NO I should be able to function without that much caffeine. I also was laying in bed till 2 staring at the walls… hmmmmm I wonder why???

coffee hugeIt couldn’t be because of the abundant amount on coffee I guzzle each day. I was starting to counter effect it with wine…

I also have for some reason been breaking out on my face. Apparently my face did not get the memo that I am 29 and not 13… WEIRD and slightly Annoying.

Like Do I need to write it a note?


So Any Way How are my days so far.

Day One. Went Pretty well did not get overly hungry and was way better when I kept myself distracted, so I worked a lot yesterday… Here’s what my food looked like.

I was also very achy and crashed at like 930. It was not a solid sleep because I was sore. I was cranky in the morning and almost caved and had a slight cheat of coffee. Rest easy I did not. Day 2 got better after I did a little Piyo with Riley.

And we got out of the house. Not hungry which is great and I cant wait for bed. (Side note… I should be going up on St hood any minute for making my family 2 nights in a row without a single cheat. So Yay me!!) Day 2 food..

So I cannot wait to share my results with you all on Thursday!!

Want to read about my Previous experience with the 3 Day Refresh?

Day 2

First Results

Thanks for Reading!



Never Miss A Monday!


So you have all heard this but why?!
Well how do you want to start out your week of hectic crazy. Your kids are going back to school after the weekend. You may or may not be going back to work. You have to prepare your self to get back into the grind of schedules, after a weekend of having fun.

Where do you think that energy is going to come from?

A kick ass workout!!

What you do on Monday is pretty much how you start your week. So why not beat out those Monday Blues?

Did you have parties over the weekend and over indulge? Its the holiday season so my weekends are jam packed with parties and birthdays and I  am def not staying on track the way I should. I do not want to prove the statistic of how much Americans gain during the holidays right. No thank you.

Tips to get through holiday parties…

If you start with a workout your chances of making healthier choices increase.

Your exhausted And you have the shittiest workout ever?! Don’t worry about it. Serious happens to the best of us. Remember this…


So start your week off right! Make your Mondays slightly better.

Remember these 4 rules…


Why Get a Beachbody Coach?

First I guess I should ask you if you know what a Beachbody Coach is?


Yes… Awesome


No…. Go here


So NOW you know exactly (or at least an idea) what a Coach is… So why have one?

Ok think about this, you get a program you’re all excited to start it (I don’t care where you got it). You are going to follow through this time! You are going to eat healthier and you are going to finish that damn workout no matter what no excuses. You start out great and then, LIFE. You start making excuses. You cant keep up and get discouraged. You are starving. Blah Blah Blah…

doubt and fear

Seriously I could go on and on about this. I have done it. I lived this life. How long do you have to go being unhappy with the way you look?

Ok A Coach…

Well first of all, it is FREE to get one. We are there to give you ideas on what to eat and how not to starve yourself. I love food and I get angry when I am hungry so there is no way I would advise anyone to skip meals!

We are there to hold you accountable, and check in with you. See how your liking your workout, are you actually doing them? If not we figure out why. We are there to remind you WHY you got the program in the first place. What your Goals are. That you in fact not only can Complete the workout, but YOU can CRUSH your GOALS! That you are WORTH the time you invest in yourself.

worth it

To work on ideas with you on how to get your workouts in, like time of the day. Even though I am home I have to figure out time to workout we are all busy. A coach shows you how to make fitness one of your priorities.

We are there to keep you from bashing yourself and talking yourself down, because that’s not helping anyone. A lot that you do with Fitness is more mental than anything and believing in yourself that you CAN Do ANYTHING! You just have to work for it.

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