Why eat healthy and workout?

So I have been on this journey for around 5 yrs now. Give or take a bit. I have been a coach for 2 yes. I was listening to “You are a Badass.” By Jen Sincere. Why Personal Development?? Well my journey is about overall improvement that’s mentally as well as physically. Part of my job as a coach is to get people to change how they feel about themselves. And well… You can’t give what you don’t have. So I work on it.


She said something that I never really thought on why eat healthy and move.

“We need our bodies far more than our body needs us.”

Huh. Makes you think. Bet you never thought of it like that.

I used to live by the motto. and “Life is short.” Bull shit.

Although time does fly by. Life is not short. And if I can help it I will be around as long as I can.

If you sit on your ass all the time and feed yourself crap. You are going to feel like crap and probably be fat. You have a fast metabolism so you can eat whatever… Right? Wrong. Ever heard of skinny fat?

You may be thin. But what about the stuff you can’t see. Skinny does not mean healthy.

So take care of yourself. Get 30 min of exercise in daily. Hate working out? Grow up. Lol or find something you do like to do!

Make healthy food choices. I’m not saying you can’t ever indulge. In fact just yesterday I housed some general tsos chicken. Hahaha Worth it. Did I feel guilty? Nope I make good choices most of the time. It is about moderation.

What are you going to do to change tour lifestyle? To possibly save your life?!


Mind Games

I have not been allowed to workout for the past 3 weeks. So I have been thinking about this a lot…. I miss it, I miss how I feel when I do something that I thought I would never do, I miss the badass feeling I get when I have beads of sweat pouring off my face. Then I remember how I was before I started this journey and the Bull Shit thoughts and Excuses I would come up with.

For example, “I have never been athletic, that’s just not me.” , well why the hell do you have to be athletic to work out in your living room? Who is seeing you besides possibly your immediate family. And honestly my husband has seen me look like more of an idiot, then he has jumping around my living room.

Have you ever heard, “Whether you believe you can’t or you believe you can you’re right.”

That saying is 100% true. Fitness is mental!

fitness is menta

Stop playing mind games with yourself, there are way too many haters out there it is not necessary to hate on yourself. Tell yourself your gonna kill this workout, that you got this, that you wont die. That you CAN DO IT! You can do anything! That you are WORTH it!

You will not believe what you can do when you believe in yourself. And yes it starts with YOU. I am not saying you can’t get an outside source to help you initially get you over those barriers.

your biggest challeng

Do NOT give up on yourself! You GOT this!!


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