My Story!

me close circleI was self-loathing teen mom, that found fitness after losing my dad. I hated everything about my body, not seeing how hard it is for your body to produce another human being. This would make me miserable. Sending that into all aspects of my life.

I became a personal trainer, not realizing staying home with my 3 kids and my husbands crazy schedule that it would be nearly impossible to actual do it. Well then I stumbled upon Beachbody after already completing 2 of the programs. I found a way to reach out to people and stay home still.

Through Beachbody I am able to help people with their health and fitness goals. More importantly I learned to love me, stretch marks and all. I have completely transformed my body and mind (In my Living Room!) What is even better is I can help others learn to be nice to themselves that Positive brings positive.

I love what I do and I make an extra income so we can have some wiggle room. I see my business booming and taking the pressure off my husband so much. So no more out of town in his future. I have some hurtles to overcome they all start with me. I decided to share this amazing opportunity and stop blocking myself and my success.

Think you would want to make a difference?