60 Days of Body Beast

body beast

First of all I need to start with the fact that I am at 60 days already!! WTF does the time go?  I will be 3 months post surgery on the 18th. My baby just turned 12 (WAHHHHHHHH).

Ok back to the point of this post. My 60 day Body Beast results. I need to start of with telling all you ladies to start lifting. You will not turn into a man. And you do not have to stick to 5lbs weights. Whenever the weight you are lifting starts to feel easier increase it.

lifting makes you huge

Check out this article…


What I have not done since day 1 is my Stats or my weight so I have no idea if I have lost or gained. I plan on doing all of that at the end of the program. Why? No idea, just the way I have decided to do things this time. You can definitely tell a difference in the pictures. Taking progress pictures is my favorite way to measure progress! Although I do feel like a complete tool bag putting on a bikini when it is snowing outside.

I am following the Lean Beast Schedule. This is to lean and build muscles and I just started the 3rd and final block Monday. Thank god lol. Block 2 was bulk I loved the schedule, but I needed a change up from the 5 weeks of following the same workout schedule. I have not been following the Beast meal plan exactly I have just been trying to eat as clean as possible and now that I am in the final block I am starting to deplete carbs more.

Here are my results.


60 days front


60 days side


60 days back

My abs are forming. So that is exciting!

hello abs

I really feel great with it and I love lifting, I would pick it over cardio any day. All 3 blocks of this program are 6 days on one day off and Block 1 and 2 have only one day of Cardio. Block 3 has 2 and I will get to try one of the workouts that I have not done yet (Total Body).


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30 Days Of Body Beast!

what does 30 days of bb look likeBody Beast is a 90 day Strength Training program. It can be as easy or as intense as you would like it to be depending on how heavy or light you lift. I dove into this one after being off for 4 weeks after a Surgery. And My motto… Go Big or Go home. So week one I was so sore I felt like I got hit by a truck. But Now just occasional soreness. I have been using anywhere from 5- 50 lbs and a stability ball or my coffee table. hahahahaha this is sometimes converted to a stepper. I also use a door to do Pull-ups. Hey sometimes you need to work with what you have!



This workout can also be done in the gym.

There are 2 different Schedules you can follow. Lean Beast and Huge Beast. Can you guess which one I went with?


HUGE! Totally kidding. I am following lean. You are on a 6 day rotation meaning you have one rest day a week and The Schedule I have followed is.

Block 1 BUILD

Week 1

1- Build: Chest/Tris

2- Build: Legs

3: Build: Back/Bis

4: Cardio/Abs

5: Build:Shoulders

6: Rest

7: Build Chest/Tris

Week 2

1- Build: Legs

2: Build: Back/Bis

3: Cardio/Abs

4: Build :Shoulders

5: Rest

6:Build: Chest/Tris

7: Build: Legs

Week 3

1: Build: Back/Bis

2: Cardio/Abs

3: Build :Shoulders

4: Rest

5:Build: Chest/Tris

6: Build: Legs

7:Build: Back/Bis

Ok Now I am a Rest Day Snob and I prefer to have it on either Saturday or Sunday but mainly Sunday. Because If I am going to go out more than likely I will on a Saturday and Sunday is considered Day of Rest after all. So I moved the rest day to be more to my liking ;). Don’t worry it did not affect the workout.

Block 2 BULK

Week 1

1: Bulk:Chest

2: Bulk:Legs


4:Beast Cardio/ Abs

5:Bulk: Back

6:Bulk: Shoulders


This repeats for 5 weeks. So to do 30 days I made it to week 4 Day 2.

So far I really like it, but I like lifting way more than cardio. This is strange especially since I ran a marathon. Haha oh well!!

Here are the Results I have gotten in the last 30 days.

front 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


back 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


side 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30

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