30 Days Of Body Beast!

what does 30 days of bb look likeBody Beast is a 90 day Strength Training program. It can be as easy or as intense as you would like it to be depending on how heavy or light you lift. I dove into this one after being off for 4 weeks after a Surgery. And My motto… Go Big or Go home. So week one I was so sore I felt like I got hit by a truck. But Now just occasional soreness. I have been using anywhere from 5- 50 lbs and a stability ball or my coffee table. hahahahaha this is sometimes converted to a stepper. I also use a door to do Pull-ups. Hey sometimes you need to work with what you have!



This workout can also be done in the gym.

There are 2 different Schedules you can follow. Lean Beast and Huge Beast. Can you guess which one I went with?


HUGE! Totally kidding. I am following lean. You are on a 6 day rotation meaning you have one rest day a week and The Schedule I have followed is.

Block 1 BUILD

Week 1

1- Build: Chest/Tris

2- Build: Legs

3: Build: Back/Bis

4: Cardio/Abs

5: Build:Shoulders

6: Rest

7: Build Chest/Tris

Week 2

1- Build: Legs

2: Build: Back/Bis

3: Cardio/Abs

4: Build :Shoulders

5: Rest

6:Build: Chest/Tris

7: Build: Legs

Week 3

1: Build: Back/Bis

2: Cardio/Abs

3: Build :Shoulders

4: Rest

5:Build: Chest/Tris

6: Build: Legs

7:Build: Back/Bis

Ok Now I am a Rest Day Snob and I prefer to have it on either Saturday or Sunday but mainly Sunday. Because If I am going to go out more than likely I will on a Saturday and Sunday is considered Day of Rest after all. So I moved the rest day to be more to my liking ;). Don’t worry it did not affect the workout.

Block 2 BULK

Week 1

1: Bulk:Chest

2: Bulk:Legs


4:Beast Cardio/ Abs

5:Bulk: Back

6:Bulk: Shoulders


This repeats for 5 weeks. So to do 30 days I made it to week 4 Day 2.

So far I really like it, but I like lifting way more than cardio. This is strange especially since I ran a marathon. Haha oh well!!

Here are the Results I have gotten in the last 30 days.

front 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


back 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30


side 30 bb

Day 1 Day 30

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