Tips for Weight Loss…

I have been sitting around thinking of all the different things I say to my Coaches and Challengers, that I decided to share. Now I am not an expert… I was once a certified Personal Trainer and I am in a course to be a certified Nutritional Therapist. These “tips” are just things I have learned along the way that really help me keep moving.

Have a really strong reason WHY.

I cannot tell you how many times in my 29 years that I started to workout. I was gonna eat healthier and feel better about myself. I was going to be happy and I was not going to quit this time… SQUIRREL

What would happen? I would get discouraged I would fall off the wagon and go back to my old ways. It all changed when my WHY was stronger than any reason I could think about not doing it. This has to be important for you.


You have to want it. 

You have to want to change. It cannot be for your spouse or significant other. (Doing this for your kids may be the one exception) If you start this journey for another person that thinks you need to lose. You will not stick to it and may even start to resent them.

Change your Thoughts on Yourself.

I DO NOT CARE where you are on this journey. Self Hate does absolutely no good. for you or anyone around you. PERIOD. If you are constantly talking down on yourself you will not change. This journey is Mental as well as physical. You need to learn to Love yourself. I strongly recommend the book You Are A Badass by Jen Sincere

Not a Diet but a Lifestyle.

Every time I go on a diet I fail. Why? I do good for a while then I binge oh well there goes the diet. Or I reach my goal go back to old habit. All the hard work I just accomplished poof gone. And it comes back wayyyyyyyy faster then it left. Why in the hell would you constantly want to do that to yourself? Seriously yo-yoing through life is not a way to live. This goes with the post above. Wrapping your head around healthy eating being a constant can be hard at first. But once you get it down when you do stray. Its like thats Ok I enjoyed it I will make a better choice next time. I thoroughly enjoy my life and food is a big part of that, but it no longer controls my life.



Be excited for every step during your health journey. This shit is hard so enjoy it. I cannot count how many times I hear “I only lost… this week” I don’t care if you lost .1 lbs that week! Did you gain? No! How do you feel? Each day you are making a step in healthier direction. You are creating a better version of yourself! Enjoy the hell out of that! Seriously!!! Also learn how to celebrate with out food!


Find what works for you!

What works for me may not work for you and thats ok. Find what you love to do and stick with it. You may want to go to a gym, or be in solitude of your own home. Or run out side. Find your groove Stella…

Cut out the Comparisons 

Everybody is different and that is a beautiful thing! Comparing your journey to someone else’s will not benefit you! People carry weight and lose it differently. The only competition you should have is being a better person than you were yesterday!


I hope these all help you! Focus on the positive, all around you don’t constantly be searching for what you are lacking. You don’t want to miss out on all the wonderful things you are doing right now.


Does Beachbody Work?

Does bb

AHHHHHHHHH its the million $$ Question?  Kidding! But I get this a lot! You want the answer…

So Does Beachbody work?


Beachbody does however provide the tools for your success.

nut supp fitThis is what it takes. Want a quick fix? Then this probably isn’t for you. Want life long success and knowledge to stay there once you reach your goals? Well then Beachbody is for you.

Every single program comes with

  • The workouts (How many Depends on the program.)
  • Fitness Calendar (Written by fitness Pro so you know exactly what to do on what day. Hello Personal Trainer in your living room)
  • Nutrition plan (Now you know what to eat.)
  • Last but not least if you choose you get a Coach. For Free… (What the hell is a Beachbody Coach? Go Here) You will get support, motivation, and tips so you can make your journey a success.


So if you say you did a program and you saw no results. WTF?! Right? Well you need to re-evaluate what you are doing. Check out your diet. Are you really doing the plan as suggested. Because, if you are there is no way you are not seeing Killer results. And this goes for anything you are doing.   Just a reminder.

cant out exercise

For maintenance this may work, you want to feel better and see your hard work. You need to focus on your diet. Its necessary. Its important and it is 80% of the results that you see.

Nutrition an issue, your on the go a lot and have a hard time getting it all in?  That is where Shakeology comes in. You can get a bundle pack called a Challenge Pack. That gives you the workout program (includes everything I mention above) and Shakeolgy for a steal.

So you’ve tried Shakeology and had no luck. Let me get this straight, it is not a weight loss, or even just a protein shake. It is a meal replacement shake and is for nutritional purposes. It is not a miracle worker. Initially drinking the shake alone you may see some difference, but you do need to eat better and exercise. This Shake is just a miracle worker, it is a great starting point. Plus they are delish. For me it is a savior for breakfast or lunch. Saves my ass all the time. I am busy too I get it and I don’t always want a salad. (Most of the time I don’t!!!)

Hope this helps!

Need a Coach? Click here

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Why Get a Beachbody Coach?

First I guess I should ask you if you know what a Beachbody Coach is?


Yes… Awesome


No…. Go here


So NOW you know exactly (or at least an idea) what a Coach is… So why have one?

Ok think about this, you get a program you’re all excited to start it (I don’t care where you got it). You are going to follow through this time! You are going to eat healthier and you are going to finish that damn workout no matter what no excuses. You start out great and then, LIFE. You start making excuses. You cant keep up and get discouraged. You are starving. Blah Blah Blah…

doubt and fear

Seriously I could go on and on about this. I have done it. I lived this life. How long do you have to go being unhappy with the way you look?

Ok A Coach…

Well first of all, it is FREE to get one. We are there to give you ideas on what to eat and how not to starve yourself. I love food and I get angry when I am hungry so there is no way I would advise anyone to skip meals!

We are there to hold you accountable, and check in with you. See how your liking your workout, are you actually doing them? If not we figure out why. We are there to remind you WHY you got the program in the first place. What your Goals are. That you in fact not only can Complete the workout, but YOU can CRUSH your GOALS! That you are WORTH the time you invest in yourself.

worth it

To work on ideas with you on how to get your workouts in, like time of the day. Even though I am home I have to figure out time to workout we are all busy. A coach shows you how to make fitness one of your priorities.

We are there to keep you from bashing yourself and talking yourself down, because that’s not helping anyone. A lot that you do with Fitness is more mental than anything and believing in yourself that you CAN Do ANYTHING! You just have to work for it.

Add me as your COACH


Finding your why…

A big factor of motivation is figuring out WHY you are doing it. Why you decided in the first place that it was time to make a change.


I started my journey shortly after my 2nd child. I believe I started for everyone but me. I found comfort in food and booze, I knew that needed to stop. I wanted to never be the frumpy wife or the mom that could not run after her kids. But it was for them, for my family. See I became just a Mom. Everything was about the family and I started to lose Me. I had my first daughter at 17, so I never really figured out exactly who I was anyway. A mother is all I knew that I wanted to be.

Over time this started to shift. I do this workouts for me. So I can feel good about myself and love the way I look. So I can be a role model. Not just to my kids but to others fighting through the same battle. That 30 minutes I pit in just about every morning is for ME. It is a priority and I refuse to get lost behind other things now. Taking 30 minutes for myself is not selfish it is necessary. What’s your why? Do it for you.