Surviving Superbowl


Its Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! You know what that means? Parties!!!! So you have made a New Years Resolution to get healthy and you’ve been sticking to it… Right? So you want to stay committed! Here are some tips to be successful.

First off I am going to say this, its one day. One day will not kill your momentum, it will however be a slight set back. So go to the parties, drink some beers or whatever you like, have some snacks, and some fun. Get right back on track Monday! Don’t make a lifestyle change hold you back from enjoying your life. Its the SUPER BOWL!

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip your meals before you go, because you are going to treat yourself. I used to do this all the time. Which was dumb, go to a party starving and either get wasted after one drink or devour the snack table with out breathing. You will be wanted back at every party… Skipping meals also slows down your metabolism. So what do you do before hand. You stay on point eat clean and get ready to go.

dont skip meals

With alcohol did you know the lower the proof the lower the calories per ounce? So stick to your lower proof vodka. 80 proof is 64 cals per 1 oz. Watch your mixers. “Your resolve can be really strong when you are sober, but after a few drinks, you may find yourself mindlessly overeating the nuts, another slice of pizza, or whatever food is within striking distance,” says Christine Gerbstadt, RD. Try  flavored vodka with sparkling water.

Light beers mean lower carbs and cal and usually are pretty close in proof.

Drink water in between of your booze. Not only will this lower the amount of calories you are getting, but greatly lessen your hangover! (SCORE)

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Do not sit or stand by the snack table. If you do you have a bigger chance of mindlessly eating. Make a plate and walk away. I said to enjoy yourself not pig out and make yourself sick and disappointed in yourself. No better party then when your in self loathing… (<<<<<<enter sarcasm <<<<<<)

Contribute a yummy and semi healthy snack! Get some ideas here:

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Enjoy the game. or at the very least the commercials HA!