Getting Back on The Fitness Wagon


WE all do it! Start a plan and then JUMP from the damn wagon. I believe that not only having time to cheat and enjoy yourself is crucial, but completely necessary at times. You need to relax and enjoy a weekend away. But you need to learn that when you come back to what you were doing before.

How do you do that? Go from one extreme to the other?

Heres some tips that I have.


  1. Have a plan. Seriously. If you know you are going to be gone for 3 days. Plan on what you are going to do when you get back. Whether that be getting the workout you missed in or heading to the grocery store to get the food that you need to get successfully back on track.
  2. Rest. When you get back have a lazy day. Drink a shit ton of water and get some well needed sleep. You’re body needs to recover from the lack of sleep that you had from being away from your norm.
  3. Realize that it does not need to be all or nothing. When you fuck up, because you will you’re human. Learn its ok. Don’t throw in the towel. Start fresh and give yourself grace. This Journey does not have to be perfect.

These work for me. I also am always a part of an accountability group. When I try to be a lazy ass and not get back on the wagon I go in there. See everyone else doing something to better themselves and I just do it.

Everyones journey is different.



Shift Shop RESULTs and honest review

The newest workout! And it did not disappoint. I saw some great results with this one. I pretty much followed the meal plan to a T and did not miss a single workout. Let me explain this one a bit.

Shift Shop was created by Ohio native Chris Downing. It focuses on shifting your mind and ramping up. It is a rapid program. The workouts go from 25 min 3 days of speed (cardio) 3 days of strength and a mobility day. Week 2 jumps to 35 min. Week 4 is 45 min. and you do a 10 min ab workout 2 days as well.

The meal plan. Very similar to the 21 Day fix plan except carbs. Your list is way more limited and grain free.

• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed

• Sweet potato, 1⁄2 cup chopped
• Yams (regular, white, tropical [batata]),

1⁄2 cup chopped
• Parsnips, 1⁄2 cup sliced
• White potato, 1⁄2 cup mashed or 1⁄2 medium
• Peas, 1⁄2 cup
• Beans (kidney, black, garbanzo, white, lima, fava,

pink, pigeon, [gandules], etc.), 1⁄2 cup cooked, drained • Lentils, 1⁄2 cup cooked, drained
• Edamame, 1⁄2 cup shelled
• Refried beans (nonfat), 1⁄2 cup


• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed

• Sweet potato, 1⁄2 cup chopped
• Yams (regular, white, tropical [batata]),

1⁄2 cup chopped
• Parsnips, 1⁄2 cup sliced
• White potato, 1⁄2 cup mashed or 1⁄2 medium


• Winter squash (acorn, butternut, delicata, kabocha, pumpkin, spaghetti),‡ 1 cup cubed


Also you were losing a carb a week. Where I started on the plan I had 2 carbs week one, 1 carb week two and then NONE!


I know sounds crazy. But I have endometriosis and grains tend to bloat me and generally make me feel like crap. So I felt amazing and had some serious energy!

Mentally the food was the hardest part for me! I am an emotional eater. Happy snack, sad heres a snack, joyous snack time! You get it! Yes I know that is bad but I let that get in the way this summer and spent a good bit of time hovering Doritos. YUCK but soooooo good lol. So mentally slapping that shitty habit out of my mind is hard. Plus I hate telling myself I can’t have something! Its like the toddler in me. I believe in moderation, but since I am being honest moderation went out the window the second the kids school let out for summer. And I was feeling the shitty decisions I made.

I followed the plan to a T! Except for when I had a wedding and drinks at the beach and I had Drinkkkkkksssss. But Hey I am not perfect and I made the decision to enjoy these events.


The program is a ramp up program. What the hell does that mean? Basically the workout gets longer weekly. You start at 25 min, jump to 35, then to 45. Every week 3 days is speed (cardio) 3 days is strength. And 2 days you add 10 min of abs.

Strength is usually my jam, but I felt with this one they moved too fast and until you get the form down and the move if you keep up with the video you will get hurt. In fact one week I smacked myself in the face with a  12 lb. weight. Yep… remembering that this is not the first time these people have done the workout is KEY. Slow down and focus on form.

I finished! Leaner and mentally stronger then probably ever.

I really had every intention of going into a round 2 immediately. Which I started and round 2 is different you do 35, 45, then 50!!! ugggggggggg The meal plan was starting off at week 2 then you repeat it and then go to week 3.

I never do 2 rounds of the same program in a row.  I need change so I am really not sure what I was thinking. Plus this program is def not a favorite of mine. Although the results kicked ass. I tried tho everyday for 3 days I talked myself into it and talked myself into not turning it off the entire time. I half assed each day and forced them I was miserable. So I stopped. I will do it eventually I just needed something else in between!


In the 3 short weeks of this program I lost…

9.9 inches!!!!

2.6 alone in the waist.

I also dropped 4.2 lbs.

I gained a boat load of energy and mental strength.





Are you ready to join me?

Next fitness group starts on September 18th email me for details












Back to School Back to Business


So I took a little hiatus from blogging over the summer. It got a little crazy I added more kiddos in and I traveled a bit. I had to take a little off my plate. It happens. That does not mean that I would never get back to this bad boy.

Kids went back to school yesterday! I have a 9th grader. (WTF) 4th and my Baby went to kindergarten. Seriously! What is happening and where did the time go?! Did you all notice that when you have kids that time goes in the blink of an eye. I don't even know how this happens and I am a bit shocked.

This summer I never stopped running fitness accountability groups. I need them lol. For me it is a great way for me to stay accountable and keep up with my own fitness. Although My nutrition slacks, You guys I really like beer and summer is the best time to indulge! It is what it is. I am not perfect I don't plan on ever being perfect. Perfect is boring and I am happy. I am in better shape then I have ever been and I am working on my winter body now. HA

So Interested in joining a group. Message me! We start this one September 18th. It may not be for you but how many of you have tried everything else and are still super unhappy with yourself. That is no way to live and I want to help! So lets chat!

I am also getting my Coaching apprenticeship groups going again so you can get started with your own business. I freaking love my job! I love sharing what we do and helping my coaches get theirs started. I am running a incentive program If you sign up on my team and hit your first promotion within the first month I will send you a gift card!

Looking forward to getting back to all of this!!

Won't you join me?!

Where have I been

So I completely dropped the ball on my blog. I am sorry to my readers. My summer is BUSY AF. I am traveling I spent the beginning of June celebrating my 10 yr anniversary with my hubby. I started watching more kids during the week. Plus Beachbody challengers and groups. I am a busy disaster right now and I felt that this blog was not high on my priority list.

I am focusing on keeping the relationships going that I have already instead of building new ones. I have enough on my plate. I enjoy blogging when I have time. So don’t worry. The kids will go back to school and I will come back to this. And The Shakeology ingredient spot light and sharing recipes and results.

Right now I am just going to enjoy my life around me.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry 

Berry found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This little bugger is known to build immunity, heal, and give energy.

Some of the benefits:

  1. Promotes heart health 
  2. Helps fight harmful organisms
  3. Aids in weight loss
  4. Promotes healthy skin
  5. Healthy for libido.
  6. Anti aging benefits
  7. Gives you energy
  8. Builds the immune system


One of the biggest excuses I get as a health and fitness coach is I don’t have the motivation to do what you do.

Bull Shit. There is no motivation there is just doing. You need to understand there is no such thing as motivation. You know what is awesome? The feeling after the workout. Those flowing endorphins. The end result is what you are looking for.

Absolutely anyone can workout daily, and if you are not it is because it does not align with your priorities. It really is as simple as that. My Priorities are 1. Family 2. Health/happiness 3. Freedom

So let me ask you.

What are your goals?

What are your Priorities?


Is what you are currently doing aligning with your priorities?

WHY do you want to start working out to begin with?

This WHY. This REASON is how you keep going. How you show up every single day.

You need to find Inspiration. That comes from the Inside of you. Find an emotional connection to why you want to change your lifestyle. (to be honest everyone should workout, Its not fun just necessary. Skinny does not mean healthy for your physical health as well as mental. You should just do it!)



Spot light


Not only is it fun to say Ashwagahnda is Sanskrit for “smell of the horse” which refers to both its unique smell and ability to increase strength. It is classified as an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body manage stress. It is an incredibly healthy medicinal herb!


  1. It can lower blood sugar.
  2. It has anti cancer properties.
  3. Boosts the Sex Drive (HELLO)
  4. Improve learning memory and reaction time
  5. Enhances sexual potency for both men and women
  6. fights stress
  7. Reduces anxiety and Depression
  8. anti-inflammatory abilities

This is just to name a few of this awesome little herb!


Week 3 – 3 Week Yoga Retreat Progression


Thank god! In all seriousness I feel way better. I totally needed this. I had very tight hammies and I needed a break. I didn’t just want to take a full break. It took me a long time to form the habit of getting 30 min a day in and taking weeks off is not something I want to do. You see I could take time off but would that have helped with the tightness and achey muscles? Probably not. I needed to STRETCH!

This one adds on to what you did in expansion week. Which adds on to foundation. Was it anything crazy? No, You flow a bit more and sweat a bit more. For me this was good. I was starting to go a little crazy lol. And I still don’t like the Relax day on day 6. Why because it was super slow.

Crazy thing though! I had this MISCONCEPTION that this break would take away all the results I have worked my ass off for. And although I had the intention of being strict with nutrition I was not, because I don’t believe in completely depriving yourself. I think that puts you off the deep end and you end up binge eating on all the shit you were avoiding! I believe in moderation. Does this take some sacrifice? Yes it does. But I stay active and I eat healthy most of the time! I indulge too.

So who do I recommend this too?

Anyone starting off this workout thing is new to you, this is a great program to jump in with! Anyone that is not a yoga lover (ME) that does intense workouts most of the time but started to feel like they needed some rest. I think a yoga lover may get bored but what the hell do I know. You may love it to!


Sachi Inchi

Spot light

Sachi Inchi

Is the seed of a plant that grows in the highlands of Peru. These seeds are rich in protein, omega 3, 6, and 9, alpha tocopherol vitamin E, carotenoids (vitamin A), and fiber.


Benefits of this seed…

  1. Builds muscle it is a fantastic source of protein.
  2. Satisfies Hunger, it is an extremely dense food.
  3. Promotes a healthy weight its significant tryptophan content plays a role in appetite regulation.
  4. Supports Digestive Health. Very high fiber source.
  5. Boosts Brain function with Omega 3s.
  6. Enhances Mood.
  7. Natural Anti- Inflammatory
  8. Heart health! Lowers Cholesterol, blood pressure, and inflammation throughout the  body.


3 Week Yoga Retreat – Week 2 Expansion

Meet the trainers. Or yoga instructors and take a look at the calendar you’re to follow. 

Week 2 builds on week one. Every single pose is expanded and you ad a little more challenging moves. Even work up a little sweat this week. 

It’s easy to follow, and they have someone modifying the poses you can’t quite get into yet.

I do have to say that I was super bored during this weeks relax day. Relaxing isn’t my strongest quality lol. I could not wait for that one to be done! 

I am learning though to focus on the move and not all the bull shit that I’m going to have to do when it’s over! 

Week 3 is Progression!

Really happy that I am holding the results I had. Nutrition could be a little better. But moderation right??