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Unknown-1Holy Shit guys I am sorry. I am late… To say I have been busy is an understatement. I was away on the first and Then everything just went CRAZY. Oh Summer is kicking my ass. Sorry for the swearing. But this is me. I cannot believe we are 10- days into the month and I am just getting the newsletter out now. OOPS




I am sure you were pacing back and forth wondering where I am. Looking for me and such. LOL. Honestly, I am not sure if you even read these. But sending these out monthly is a way for me to reach out. Say hey! I am here if you need me. What can I do to help you reach your goals? Plus I can tell you what is coming up in Beachbody world.


YOU GUYS! We are releasing the newest Program SHIFT SHOP in 3 days!!!

Check it out




If you have All Access On Demand this will automatically be added to your library. And use your resources. I will be doing a BETA test group. Message me back if you want in!! Seriously. YOu have a coach for a reason!


The group is OPEN now.


If you want more info let me know.


I need to focus on nutrition here so I am looking forward to really pushing with this program I cannot wait to see the results!


Have a fantastic rest of the month!


Your Coach Kala



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