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HEYYYYYYYYY!!! ITS SUMMER! I just hit my 10 year wedding anniversary on the 2nd and we had a bunch going on so this is getting to you a little later than normal. But it is all good! I am here now. I know you look forward to these letters. HA


I want to start off by saying to the participants in the Biggest Loser {Inspired} Group that kicked off today! GOOD LUCK! I am so pumped to be doing this with you all.


As for me I just finished another round of 21 Day fix. I am doing completely random workouts the next 2 days then I am going on an anniversary trip and my only workout will be dancing to live music and lifting 12 oz to my mouth. Yes I went there. Moderation! I work very hard most of the time, but there also needs to be time for rest. Learning this part of life and this lifestyle is crucial.


So what are your plans for the summer? Travelling at all?

What’s new with Beachbody?


We have a summer sale kicking off TODAY! For the next week. Want to see the deals? Go here…




They go live at 12 PST and it is limited quality.




Next Fitness Accountability Group is June 26th. If you are not on social media its completely fun I run these on an APP so you can join in! Just let me know.


What is Coaching. We will be having a sneak peek on June 15th. Come find out what is all involved in being a Beachbody coach!


Shoot me a message to find out the deets on these!!


Hope you all have an amazing June





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