Phase 3 Of 80 Day Obsession

I did it You guys!! Done with all 3 phases. Now I am in the final week which is Peak week. It is Autumns favorite workouts throughout the entire workout and an option of doing deplete week with the meal plan. Where you carb cycle for 2 days have a day on the regular meal plan then do that again.

For Phase 3 I continued with the same meal plan as the 4 weeks prior In Phase 2 . Where Phase 2 was a bulk phase and you lifted a bit heavier. This one is lean. You are lifting a bit lighter the moves are harder. But basically shredding out. Out of all the phases. This one is the most difficult. But after being on the plan for 8 weeks you are ready. This one was my Favorite!

The Plan days switch around a bit.

AAA -60 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Resistance Loops,
  • Strength Slides

Cardio flow -45 min

  • 4 reps of each move. But once you get all 10 in you go all the way through 8 times instead of 2.

Legs – 50 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Strength Slides.

Total Body Core -60 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Resistance Loops,
  • Strength Slides

Cardio Core- 45 min

  • Slides
  • Resistance loops


Booty – 50 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Resistance Loops.
  • Strength slides

I was definitely the most sore this phase. So self care was key. Foam rolling, stretching and some added yoga.


Down a Total of 8.2 lbs and 12.5 inches

These are from Then End of Phase 2 Till the End of Phase 3


From Day 1 Until The End of Phase 3


Really happy with the results and excited to see what the end of Peak week brings. This was tough I won’t lie. But so freaking worth it. I am coming back after a year of medicated menopause. Where honestly I felt awful most of the time. The medicine only worked sporadically and I could not regulate my weight. I felt ballooned up and I thought that this would be the way my body was from now on. I thought I just would have to deal with it. I wanted to be healthy the rest didn’t matter.

So after the removal on my ovaries not even a full month later this program was released. I went all in. I did not think I would see anything like this. I am so thankful for this. And that Surgical Menopause has made a world of difference in my life. Yes there are still struggles. Some of the symptoms are annoying. But anything is better than where I was. I did not know how I could live that way anymore. Everything was suffering. Me, my family, my business. Im back to feeling great. Everything is on the up.

If you are ready to join me. Fill this out and lets talk!


Unknown-1So I would have to say I have been in a bit of a funk this week. Yep thats right the person that writes about moving your ass just did not want to. I snoozed my alarm every single day this week and I just kind of feel blah. I tried to talk myself out of every single workout and just want to stuff my face and sit on my ass.

So what did I do? I did it anyway. My job is a motivator and how can I do that if I am not doing anything myself? I can’t that would not be “fair” . So I got off my ass and worked out any way. Didn’t enjoy it. Nope not one bit. Watched the clock the entire time, or found myself face planted lying on the floor. hahaha I’m not kidding. I did that during the challenge today while doing one of the multiple sets of push ups. I also know how I feel when I skip it. Not a good feeling to be disappointed in yourself.

Unknown-2 My food choices probably could have been a little better,but this happens. Human Here! I will get back on track completely soon. 🙂

The final of the 21 Day Fix Extreme!

I DID IT! woohoo! Seriously but when i woke up this morning, I was like hmmmm there is no workout on my schedule… It is amazing once you form a habit how easy it is to stick to it.

Did you know that they say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and it just so happens that The 21 Day Fix and Fix Extreme are that long! Coincidence? It is way easier to wrap your mind around 21 day programs instead of 90. Not that I will never do a 90 day one again. But your like yeah I totally got this. PSSH

So the meal plan, was I perfect with this? NO (HUMAN HERE) I really did try out of the whole 21 days I cheated 3 times. One of those was EPIC. An entire day, the hubster and I went away with out kids… I got a little crazy not having to share any of my foods. (Parents know what Im talking about! Being able to eat an organic honey cream filled chocolate while laying in bed without anyone asking for some, is a rare delicacy I took advantage… Alright I went overboard.) I followed the count down to competition a total of 5 or 6 days during. The amount you eat during that is insane. But you deplete your carbs so it can make you a little groggy and crabby. I started to do it yesterday but we went to disney on ice and I took my girls out to dinner. No I did not cheat, but I had to tweak the Competition meal plan. I got a cobb salad sans egg and tomato (don’t like them). This added a orange and a blue. WTF am I talking about, right? Well fixers understand the color thing… It is ok to adjust sometimes so your plan fits your life! This is a lifestyle change. If you want to stick with it, manage it well!

The workouts, Did they get easier? No not one bit. I got better, each time i did one. I was able to push a little harder or add more weight, take less breaks, not die… Hello Non-Scale Victories!! hahahahaha awesome right! It took me all 3 weeks to get used to that pilates with the bands. I finally was not a tangled mess on the last one! I ended up adding more weights to leg day week 2. Which made it harder.

If you are doing these workouts and you can’t keep up, switch to the modifier, go down in weights, drop the weights completely. Do what YOU need to do to make it through without killing yourself. You know what you can handle!

Now for the results DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

front back Side

My Stats!

I recommend this workout for, fix graduates, people that like the more intense and extreme programs. I would not recommend for beginners!

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Go back to your why….

I did this post a couple days ago on my Facebook!

But I wanted to show you that it is not always easy to stick to your plan… That life does not always go the way you want it to.


” Every little thing that i do goes back to my why… You see today I’m tired my little one ended up sleeping in bed with me last nights which means crappy night of sleep for mom. I wanted to set today up as a wash start fresh tomorrow. But how is that going to help me reach my goals? Its not so I push forward and follow my schedule. I can rest later.”

Go back to your WHY! What is your why? Its the reason you started to change in the first place. It is your DRIVE behind your journey. As you evolve that can change too.

Surviving Superbowl


Its Super Bowl Sunday this weekend! You know what that means? Parties!!!! So you have made a New Years Resolution to get healthy and you’ve been sticking to it… Right? So you want to stay committed! Here are some tips to be successful.

First off I am going to say this, its one day. One day will not kill your momentum, it will however be a slight set back. So go to the parties, drink some beers or whatever you like, have some snacks, and some fun. Get right back on track Monday! Don’t make a lifestyle change hold you back from enjoying your life. Its the SUPER BOWL!

Whatever you do, DO NOT skip your meals before you go, because you are going to treat yourself. I used to do this all the time. Which was dumb, go to a party starving and either get wasted after one drink or devour the snack table with out breathing. You will be wanted back at every party… Skipping meals also slows down your metabolism. So what do you do before hand. You stay on point eat clean and get ready to go.

dont skip meals

With alcohol did you know the lower the proof the lower the calories per ounce? So stick to your lower proof vodka. 80 proof is 64 cals per 1 oz. Watch your mixers. “Your resolve can be really strong when you are sober, but after a few drinks, you may find yourself mindlessly overeating the nuts, another slice of pizza, or whatever food is within striking distance,” says Christine Gerbstadt, RD. Try  flavored vodka with sparkling water.

Light beers mean lower carbs and cal and usually are pretty close in proof.

Drink water in between of your booze. Not only will this lower the amount of calories you are getting, but greatly lessen your hangover! (SCORE)

Read more about boozing here >>

Do not sit or stand by the snack table. If you do you have a bigger chance of mindlessly eating. Make a plate and walk away. I said to enjoy yourself not pig out and make yourself sick and disappointed in yourself. No better party then when your in self loathing… (<<<<<<enter sarcasm <<<<<<)

Contribute a yummy and semi healthy snack! Get some ideas here:

25 Healthy Big Game Snacks

Enjoy the game. or at the very least the commercials HA!



I’ve spent a good bit of my life trying to fit in. Never really feeling great about myself and unsure of where I wanted to go. I entered motherhood at 17 while all my friends were looking hot, living it up, and going to college. I was raising a baby. I’ve been trying to conform and fit in or be in the background forever. Until Beachbody.

Now I don’t want to fit in… I want to STAND OUT! I want to make a difference. Helping people is something I’ve always wanted to do. Helping them Stand out is even better!

I couldn’t be more proud of my team. I am looking to Mentor 2-3 ladies who know they have a bigger calling, love to help others, want to create FREEDOM in their life. (and get some pretty awesome fitness results.)

Sound like you? Apply Below


Busy mom that wanted to feel better!!


3 day refresh results!

What she had to say about the 3 day refresh.

“I had a great experience with the 3 Day Refresh. Day 1 was the hardest but the tips that Kala gave me truly helped me through the day, actually all three days!
Overall, I’ve started eating more whole foods, noticing what I’m eating and I feel better all around. Love the program!”

She lost a total of 4 pounds!


So I wanted to share want of my Challengers/ Coaches 3 Day Refresh results and how she feel!!

Erin refresh

This is what she said about it.

“I am feeling beyond incredible today.

I finished up my 3 Day Refresh yesterday, and I am totally reaping the benefits.

-Down 2 pounds and 2 inches!!
-SO much energy without coffee (15 hours of chasing my kids and still smiling)
-Not relying on my coffee to get me through the day
-Actually craving fresh produce OVER junk
-Clear focus, no more foggy brain”

Her last day was Wednesday Jan 7th. She said she lost another pound this morning and would definitely do it again!

Go Erin!!