Stop quitting

I QUIT every school single diet and workout plan I ever started. Every one. Until the reason WHY I started changed from being superficial like the size of my jeans or the number on the scale. To being about my health over all.

When the reason I started eating better and working out became about wanting to be around for my kids. Wanting to teach them healthy habits and how important it is to make your health a priority. That’s when I stuck to it. That’s when I showed up every single day. Hating the way I looked or felt was never enough to keep me coming back.
So when you decide maybe to try and join me. A lot of what I go over with you is digging in and finding out WHY you are doing this to begin with. You want to lose weight? Okay great WHY? Digging in to find the actual why may take you going through this process 7-8 times. You know when you hit the core reason? When that reason makes you FEEL something. That’s the reason that will get you to show up when you really just don’t want to. And my friends that will happen a lot. So when people tell me I don’t have your motivation. I say motivation is bull shit. I SHOW UP because of a really strong reason why I got started. You know what, I hope you can figure out your strong reason in a gentler way than I figured out mine.
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Mom Bod

The glamorous life 😂😬.
You guys I have the saggy stretched skin. I’m literally like that meme where she is like “dayum I’m lookin fit.” On her back then turns to the side and says “dang it.” Cause that 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
I also have cellulite. Yep.
Here’s the thing though. I don’t give a fuck. My body brought me 3 babies. It’s carried me through my life. It’s endured child birth, and multiple surgeries, it’s also in menopause. At 33, I know crazy 😜. So I’m gonna take care of it and love on myself.
Exercise is not a punishment. Eating healthy is not a punishment. And loving yourself is not selfish. So ladies let’s change the way we see ourselves. Let’s drop the excuses of what it means to take care of you. And embrace the tiger stripes. There are some that are not so lucky to endure that. ♥️

Coach Testimonial

    Lori Coffman.

I became a Beachbody coach roughly 5 years ago.  At the time I was on my last 3 months of recovery post Achilles Tendon surgery.  I had ruptured my AT while teaching karate class and the injury was devastating and came with a full year recovery timeframe.  When I found out P90X3 was coming out (in November of 2013) in January 2014, I was super excited as I had done both P90X & P90X2 prior (as well as Insanity).  Knowing P90X3 would be a 30 minute workout sealed the deal. My plan was to finish out the long year back towards full recovery getting into the best shape of my life.  

    In January 2014 I was invited to join an accountability group for P90X3 by one of my friends.  I thoroughly enjoyed posting, adding to the group and encouraging others. My friend in the group said that I posted more than anyone and that it helped her stick to her goal more than her own coach did.  That got me thinking. I had been approached about becoming a Beachbody Coach in 2007 but turned the opportunity down at the time. Being a young woman with a seizure disorder, I was leary about coaching anyone in fitness as I had my own challenges relating to it, controlling my heart rate and keeping my core body temperature down.  Fast-forward to 2014. I considered the coaching opportunity more intently because I thought my story of injury and subsequent recovery might help other people to leap over other hurdles within their own lives and fitness journeys. It was the end of January 2014 and I took the plunge and became a coach.

    Being involved with the Beachbody Community has been a true blessing, not only have I met amazing people, am part of and lead an amazing team of individuals, my personal confidence has improved as well as much, much more .  Beachbody, in part, helped my family and I experience 2 trips to Hawaii, have zero student loans, pay off credit cards and be able to have some flexibility within our schedule to devote more time to our sons’ activities.

    Additionally, with the Beachbody Community’s focus on growth and personal development I have been able to expand my mindset into a more positive, focused, less anxious one.  So much so that over 3 years ago, shy me became a Beachbody Live trainer. Between it and coaching it has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Without it, and the continuous personal development readings, trainings and videos on leadership, I would also not be in my 2nd year of pursuing my Masters Degree in the Psychology of Leadership at PSU.  Being a part of the Beachbody Community has helped me overcome my fear of pursuing my dreams and making them a reality.

    Regardless of your rank as a coach and regardless of your motivation, becoming a coach is a truly amazing experience that not only allows you to help others reach their goals, it also gives you the opportunities and trainings you need to reach your own.


Morning MeltDown 100

Coming July 29th 2019

For VIP Access

Morning Meltdown 100 is the first Beachbody program designed to be done in the morning, so you can head into your day feeling stronger and more accomplished. Commit to 100 workouts, and Beachbody Super Trainer Jericho McMatthews will get you fired up to melt away fat and build your strongest body. Each fierce, fun, 20–30-minute workout features music mixed by a live DJ who follows Jericho’s lead and drives the beats to match her intensity.  It’ll feel like a party and give you the motivation you need to keep going.


All 100 workouts are broken down into 5 phases of 20 workouts each. In each phase you will do 10  workouts at 20-30 min then repeat them with challenges. This workout does require light, medium, and heavy Dumbbells.

I will be having a BETA test group starting the 29th so we can go through the program together. Check out one of the test group participants results.


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Coach Spotlight

When I started my journey at the beginning of 2018 I wouldn’t label myself as “fat” “chunky” “obese” or over weight. Honestly most would say to me you’re fine, you’re skinny you don’t need to lose weight. My struggles were not something you would see from the outside….on the outside I was still that outgoing laughing smiling girl but on the inside I was a lot I have never been; self conscious, timid, embarrassed, lonely and defeated.
During this time i was finally diagnosed with IBS. But an IBS diagnosis doesn’t really mean too much, I will still struggle with severe constipation , severe bloating and limited to no bowel movements, so to help with all of this I was given a prescription to help with the symptoms. The medication helped with the symptoms but at the end of the day diet and exercise would help the most.
Truth be told I was a gym rat growing up and loved everything about the gym and was also aware of what I put into my body but as I’ve gotten older, married and busier I started to find less time for working out and honestly it started to feel like a chore….and food, food was about comfort and socializing not about fueling my body!
So after a few months of a very determined friend convinced me to try Beachbody. I was just like everyone else, it’s too expensive, I don’t like shakes, working out at home no way! But at this point what did I have to lose….nothing so I said yes!
Little did I know saying yes would change so much!!! As I started the workouts and changing the way I was eating I started to feel better, the scale started to move and the no scale victories were rolling in!!
My confidence was back, I enjoyed working out again, I found myself and purpose again, and my IBS I was in more control than it has ever been and I eventually stopped taking the pills!!
Yes I have hit bumps in the road but I know I can always turn to my coach and my amazing support group to get me through whatever I have going on and getting me back on track!
I have gained so much during this process! Myself, confidence, control, balance and friendships!

Bad Mood?

You ever so miserable you annoy yourself? But you cannot snap out of it?
Me yesterday 😬🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ I did what I always do when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
1. Personal development I do this daily when I’m crabby I triple it!

2. Move! Workout throw on music throw yourself a Dance 💃🏻 party.
3. Eat bright green veggies. I know you don’t want this. I swear it can help though!

4. If you live somewhere where the weather isn’t lame most of the time get outside.
5. Pet a dog 🐶. They make everything better. Not a dog person? Why are we friends 👭? (Kidding kind of)
6. Laugh with your kids.

7. Disconnect! When you’re not in the right state of mind it’s easy to compare yourself to every single person on social.
8. Water 💦 drink it! Lots of it!
9. Sleep 😴 go to bed early AF! Grandma 👵 it up!
10. Remember it’s not a bad life it’s a bad day!


80 Day Obsession Results

This is what 100% of commitment for 93 days looks like.

I am going to say that there is never a perfect time to start a program. But I wanted to prove to myself that I could commit. That I would not let alcohol and food run my life. That I didn’t need it to “fix” my feelings.

So I went 100% in…

100% through St Patrick’s and Mother’s day.

100% through birthdays

100% through parties

100% through going to dinner

100% through the loss of our dog

And I’ve found other ways to cope than with a bottle of wine. I feel amazing. I’m stronger physically and mentally. And I made it!!! And I am here to tell you, that if I can do it. You can too. Next Group starts Monday June 10th. Are you ready?

Personalized key chain.

We had to put our dog to sleep April 15 2019. Very unexpectedly. Quincy suddenly got sick could not stand and was yelping in pain. We took him to an emergency vet where we were told that his stomach flipped. Here it’s common for large deep Chest dogs. I had no idea this was possible. So here’s our boy.

I miss him.

Our daughter surprised my husband and I with a keep sake.

Such a thoughtful idea.

Beautiful surprise

Join A Fitness Group

“Wait it costs money to join you!? 160 is expensive.”

I feel you sister. In fact I thought the same thing. But nothing worth having is free. And it’s not expensive. Ron and I dropped MORE than that amount at a bar for a fun night out. Nope not even kidding. 🙄😬 I share the value in the program daily. Because it changed my life. My body. My belief in myself. And you would never EVER see me back a product I did not believe in. I’m very honest and upfront. No surprises here… For just $160 you get…
🤯 access to our entire workout library for a YEAR. That is hundreds of workouts. Think personal trainer that is mobile and can go anywhere with you. Yep ANYWHERE. You can stream from your phone, tablet, TV, laptop. And even download programs to your device if you won’t have data.

👏🏻Calendars with each program so you know what to work on each day.

🔥You get 30 days of a superfood shake (valued at $130). This shake helps me so much! Goodbye digestive issues. OR you get a plant based preworkout (my gogo juice I get up at 5 am to workout. I need it and it does not cause jitters) and a post workout muscle recovery. (Value $110)
🥗You get Meal plans that coordinate with the program and writer by nutritionists to get THE BEST results. Along with a cooking show to give you more ideas. Plus those recipes are amazeballs.

🤩You get me as your Coach. I work with you and help you pick a plan support you and help you figure it all out. We work one on one and you get placed in a group with women working towards the same goals.

Next group starts June 10th! Want in?

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