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So you want to get in shape, you are ready to commit and change. But you have NO Idea where to start or what to do. You feel you are eating right and you are going to the gym with no results. You’re ready to give up. But then you look at yourself and your determination says not this time. This time I am going to finish what I started and I am doing it for me. You want help and that is exactly where I come in!!

I am a 29 year old Stay at home mom of 3 girls.

Having kids since I was 17 I never really knew what I wanted to be besides a mom.  I always knew I wanted to help people but I never really found my place in the world. I went to tech school for computers to be responsible and support my little family and I worked until my 2nd was born. But I always  wanted to be more then just a stay at home mom. I was meant for more. Being unhappy with the way I looked and being what my friend calls skinny fat, I went to work. It was hard and had its ups and downs, but I became hooked and I saw that I could help people this way. Help them lose weight, because lets face it. Losing weight is hard.

I became a certified Personal trainer and I loved it, Writing up plans for people. Once I had my 3rd girl with my hubby’s schedule it became harder to meet with clients. So I gave it up. Then I found Beachbody. GODSEND

I am Kala Williamson and it is my passion to help people get in shape, learn to eat better, and find the motivation and self confidence to keep it up. After 2 years of personal training I became a Beachbody Coach.

I started reaching people online running online challenge groups to help get you started in a healthier and more fulfilling life. Supporting, motivating, and teaching life lessons of how I went from a skinny fat mama, to being in the best shape of my life. I want everyone to feel as amazing as I do. I work with people one on one or in Facebook support groups where you all work with others working towards the same goals.


21 Day Fix


Think you may be interested?  Contact me below or add me on Facebook!! http://www.facebook.com/kala.Williamson



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