You Belong

Did you ever feel like you don’t fit in? Like you cannot relate to the people that have been in your life forever? They still mean the world to you but you have no clue how to connect with them, to find common ground. Because that person who you once were changed a long time ago.

Me all me!
I am a teen Mom. Most teenagers can’t relate to that. So my friends are amazing people but I haven’t fit in a long time. Through loss, losing my Dad at 20 changed the trajectory of my entire life. Although my Dad wasn’t the best at being a father it still affects you to the core. You see we were building up our relationship again and then he was gone. I feel in my bones if he had someone like me to help and support him he would have changed. In a way I’m glad his death did not go in Vain. It brought me to be the person I am today to want to be the healthiest best version of me. It brought me to this business the need and the want to help others. It brought me to this community!

This years theme at summit was #youbelonghere and I do. Some of these amazing women I met the first time here. Some I’ve been working with virtually forever. But they mean everything to me! They’ve got my back. They push me to do more be better. They keep my mind open. They take all the pictures 😂. And when I step into this world I fit in. I truly belong. No judgement just support. These girls are from all over the country, Canada, the UK. And when we are together they are family.


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