Energize is a plant-based pre-workout that gives you clean energy!

Energize combines three key ingredients




Energize is UNIQUE in the world of energy drinks in that it has BETA ALANINE as an ingredient BA produces carsonine in your body when consumed. Carsonine is a barrier/ buffer to your body’s lactic acid. Lactic acidosis is what makes us feel sore, so we are able to go farther, push harder during our workouts since the carsonine is a barrier to it in our body. There’s lots of amazing LIFE that takes it out of us and ENERGIZE can help our bodies anytime we are using our muscles, not just during workouts!

Read up on Beta Alanine here if you want to get nerdy with it: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/beta-alanine-101

Also, it has QUERCETIN in it! Giving it that bright YELLOW Color! So energize not only enhances your workout, it has health benefits as well!

QUERCITIN a performance-enhancing PHYTONUTRIENT found in such foods as berries, apples, grapes, and nuts!

Research shows that quercetin can not only help reduce central nervous system fatigue but also has antioxidant benefits, fights free radicals, helps reduce cancer risks, can help lower blood pressure, can help with allergies, and helps prevent neurological issues!

What we’re saying is, Energize is YELLOW for a good reason! No artificial colors necessary. And the pink color that happens when fruit punch gets wet? It’s not from red food dye. It’s from BEET JUICE POWDER! How cool is that! Neither flavor of Energize contain synthetic colors and no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives.

What about the CAFFEINE?

Let’s compare Energize to other energy products out there. Some products combine the equivalent of up to five cups of coffee with other powerful stimulants like yohimbe, increasing your risk of side effects ranging from nervousness and irritability to headaches, chest pain, and arrhythmia. The exact reason I love Energize is because I DONT feel those icky feelings after drinking it like I have with other Energy products I’ve tried in the past.

Sometimes there’s also extra caffeine or additional stimulants that aren’t printed on the label. Occasionally you might even see banned substances — a product called Jack3d was targeted by the FDA in 2015 for containing DMAA (a banned stimulant). READ YOUR LABESL!

Energize, by contrast, contains just 100mg of caffeine (the equivalent of about one cup of coffee!).

It’s seriously a GOD SEND

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