Stop quitting

I QUIT every school single diet and workout plan I ever started. Every one. Until the reason WHY I started changed from being superficial like the size of my jeans or the number on the scale. To being about my health over all.

When the reason I started eating better and working out became about wanting to be around for my kids. Wanting to teach them healthy habits and how important it is to make your health a priority. That’s when I stuck to it. That’s when I showed up every single day. Hating the way I looked or felt was never enough to keep me coming back.
So when you decide maybe to try and join me. A lot of what I go over with you is digging in and finding out WHY you are doing this to begin with. You want to lose weight? Okay great WHY? Digging in to find the actual why may take you going through this process 7-8 times. You know when you hit the core reason? When that reason makes you FEEL something. That’s the reason that will get you to show up when you really just don’t want to. And my friends that will happen a lot. So when people tell me I don’t have your motivation. I say motivation is bull shit. I SHOW UP because of a really strong reason why I got started. You know what, I hope you can figure out your strong reason in a gentler way than I figured out mine.
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