Coach Spotlight

When I started my journey at the beginning of 2018 I wouldn’t label myself as “fat” “chunky” “obese” or over weight. Honestly most would say to me you’re fine, you’re skinny you don’t need to lose weight. My struggles were not something you would see from the outside….on the outside I was still that outgoing laughing smiling girl but on the inside I was a lot I have never been; self conscious, timid, embarrassed, lonely and defeated.
During this time i was finally diagnosed with IBS. But an IBS diagnosis doesn’t really mean too much, I will still struggle with severe constipation , severe bloating and limited to no bowel movements, so to help with all of this I was given a prescription to help with the symptoms. The medication helped with the symptoms but at the end of the day diet and exercise would help the most.
Truth be told I was a gym rat growing up and loved everything about the gym and was also aware of what I put into my body but as I’ve gotten older, married and busier I started to find less time for working out and honestly it started to feel like a chore….and food, food was about comfort and socializing not about fueling my body!
So after a few months of a very determined friend convinced me to try Beachbody. I was just like everyone else, it’s too expensive, I don’t like shakes, working out at home no way! But at this point what did I have to lose….nothing so I said yes!
Little did I know saying yes would change so much!!! As I started the workouts and changing the way I was eating I started to feel better, the scale started to move and the no scale victories were rolling in!!
My confidence was back, I enjoyed working out again, I found myself and purpose again, and my IBS I was in more control than it has ever been and I eventually stopped taking the pills!!
Yes I have hit bumps in the road but I know I can always turn to my coach and my amazing support group to get me through whatever I have going on and getting me back on track!
I have gained so much during this process! Myself, confidence, control, balance and friendships!

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