Join A Fitness Group

“Wait it costs money to join you!? 160 is expensive.”

I feel you sister. In fact I thought the same thing. But nothing worth having is free. And it’s not expensive. Ron and I dropped MORE than that amount at a bar for a fun night out. Nope not even kidding. 🙄😬 I share the value in the program daily. Because it changed my life. My body. My belief in myself. And you would never EVER see me back a product I did not believe in. I’m very honest and upfront. No surprises here… For just $160 you get…
🤯 access to our entire workout library for a YEAR. That is hundreds of workouts. Think personal trainer that is mobile and can go anywhere with you. Yep ANYWHERE. You can stream from your phone, tablet, TV, laptop. And even download programs to your device if you won’t have data.

👏🏻Calendars with each program so you know what to work on each day.

🔥You get 30 days of a superfood shake (valued at $130). This shake helps me so much! Goodbye digestive issues. OR you get a plant based preworkout (my gogo juice I get up at 5 am to workout. I need it and it does not cause jitters) and a post workout muscle recovery. (Value $110)
🥗You get Meal plans that coordinate with the program and writer by nutritionists to get THE BEST results. Along with a cooking show to give you more ideas. Plus those recipes are amazeballs.

🤩You get me as your Coach. I work with you and help you pick a plan support you and help you figure it all out. We work one on one and you get placed in a group with women working towards the same goals.

Next group starts June 10th! Want in?

Fill this out!


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