Building a business

I remember thinking. I had to have my shit together to be successful in this business. I quickly realized that was never gonna happen 😬😝. I am a disaster most times. I hate getting ready or getting dressed. I’m messy and chaotic. I swear a ton. I drink (less then one month till I will be reunited with beer 🍺). I care about my team and clients with my whole heart. Their success means everything to me. I’m a homebody. My family is my world. I’m far from perfect.

You know when success started to happen? When I showed up being 💯 me. When I showed up with heart and hustle. Put my blinders on. Put my head down and I worked.

My business is easy in the tasks that I do. Because it’s a passion. But it takes hard work. I love it! I found my calling. So if you’ve been waiting to jump in till you reached your “goal” body. Till you have your shit together. Till whatever else BS you say to your self. I’m saying get started now. Jump build your wings on the way down. .

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