Progress Over Perfection

Progress. The focus is always on the physical. You know that “goal” body. What about the mental?

Let me tell you. If you did not LOVE yourself before a physical transformation you still won’t after. You will constantly be judging yourself, critiquing every little flaw. Pinching your skin where you feel there should be less. Covering the stretch marks. Seeing the cellulite.
And you know what social media does not help, right? Photoshop and filters. Poses and lighting. Flaws hidden to achieve this look of perfection. Where you start to compare.
Let me tell you. Perfection does not exist. It’s boring! And that perfectly posed girl online that is flawless with the perfect body is not you. You are your super power.

You want a summer body? You have one. Any body is a summer body. Seriously!
I struggled this for a long time. I would have not shared this pic because you can see my saggy ass stomach. Hide the stretch marks, they look gross. Exact thoughts. Ugh I hate my thighs. Let’s not wear shorts even though it’s 90000 degrees. 🙄 I’ll never be like her. Let me get this skin removed then I’ll be happy.

All this is bull shit. You know when the shift came? When I stopped focusing on a diet on a goal body or a goal weight. I don’t give a shit what the scale says. It’s a lifestyle I eat healthy because I feel best when doing that. I have energy! Right now I’m on a timed nutrition plan and following to a T just because I want to prove to myself that I can. After it will be balance and moderation. Living my damn life and loving it. I workout to keep my heart healthy and my head right. To have energy! And I read personal development. This is the most life changing 👈🏻👈🏻. I used to think that’s dumb but get your mind right, have faith in yourself. And everything else falls into place.

So focus on loving you! If you don’t believe in you to make a healthy lifestyle change find someone that does. Embrace every single fucking flaw. Change your negative self talk. Because you can do anything!

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