34 Days In…

Did I tell you all that I went back to the program that gave me life again after my surgery last year that put me in surgical menopause?

Well I did! And I feel AMAZING! I decided to go all in! 100% follow the meal plan and the workouts. You see I did this before. I did great until day 51 and then I went to Kid Rock and I hard core cheated. Like drank all the beer ate everything in sight. All day long and the next I had to have hangover foods ha! After that I went back on the plan but allowed cheats. Like a few glasses of wine. treats. You know. I still saw great results.

But lately In my fitness journey I was doing the workouts still and saying I was following my container system. What I was not saying that I was eating a bag or Ghirardelli dark  chocolate chips in 2 days. Im not kidding. Lol. I was not really practicing the portion control well. I was not really feeling that great. My hot flashes were coming back. I was uncomfortable and a bit moody.

Recently I got Certified to be a Master Coach in our Ultimate Portion Fix Program. Ive learned so much about sugar addiction and how companies get you to constantly want to keep snacking.


I started doing the program again with the timed nutrition. THE ENERGY! I wake up most days feeling well rested. I am not hungry since I get to eat so much. Seriously its a lot my hubby is always like look at your plate. And I am thrilled. I don’t miss the treats. I have not had alcohol currently since February 9th. Not saying that I will never drink again.  But I want to do this the whole 80 days 100% all in! I am almost half way there!

Its amazing when you fuel your body with the right food how you feel. and the results you see.

I cannot wait to see what the rest of the program brings and how many more people I can help now that I am certified!

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