What do you get when you join in on a Virtual Fitness group?

I am sure you have seen me mention my virtual boot camps. Well I wanted to go into what you get with those.

For the Fitness Boot Camp:

You get our On Demand fitness Package. This is access to  over 50 workout programs that you can stream right to your house. Or the gym. Seriously people do that. You get this for a year and all the new workouts they release. Which is 2-3 a year. We pair you up with a workout based on your goals, preference to style, and time you want to spend.

You get the workout calendar for each program so you know what to do. You get a meal plan for each program so you can reach the best goals possible.

You get 30 days of a superfood shake and/or a plant based pre-workout and recovery drink.

You get access to a cooking show that coordinates with the meal plan that has like 300 recipes and they are delicious.

You get unlimited access to the fitness group so you have the support and accountability. And one on one check ins from me.

All of this for a price starting for only $160!

For The Nutrition Side:

We have 2 different programs

One is based on mindful eating it is less structured and has more freedom. Great for people that don’t like a really strict plan. This can be paired with the workouts as well.

The Other is based on Portion control. This can be paired with the workouts as well and most of them use a similar plan. This breaks down the macros and the science behind why eating like this works. 3 different paths. More structured. This is personally what I follow and am being certified in currently.

I have been using the programs and supplements for 6 years now. I swear by them and I love the results Ive seen. I am more confident have a better sense of self love and truthfully in the groups we focus on that more than anything. It is about being the healthiest best version of ourselves.

I hope you will join us!

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