Ladies… you know what I want to know? Why we are really freaking hard on ourselves? Why we are so judge mental to ourselves, and sometimes others?

I spent a bulk of Christmas break trying to not mentally berate myself because I really over indulged. It’s so easy to fall into old habits. I felt bloated and self conscious. Then watched 8 million other women post hearts ♥️ saying pick a color for the goal of weight you want to lose this year. And I just 💭 thought. How about we go into the new year setting a goal, to be kinder to ourselves. To accept ourselves and work on not really that goal weight but eating better and moving our bodies to show we care. .
Just all around general health! Mental and physical.

Does that sound weird coming from a health coach? Probably, but you know when I started to love myself, eat good healthy foods because it made me feel better, and workout because moving gave me energy and build confidence. That is when I feel my best. Then enjoy myself in moderation because I’ll be damned if I’m going to feel deprived.

You with me?

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