Win The Day

Win The day! My morning routine always looks the same. But it works. .
Tips… .
I really never thought I was a morning person but wanted to get workout in before the kids woke. So I set my alarm in another room. Forcing my lazy ass to get up! You can’t hit snooze this way! .
Up! Pee Ha! Brush my teeth 🦷 .
Let the 🐕 dogs out and feed the beasts.
Chug some water!
Make my plant 🌱 based GOGO Juice. This helps me not want to complete die firming the workout 🤗. Helps with stamina! .
Sit down while I’m sipping my pre workout and I read! Yep read. Not my typical books for entertainment (smut 😬🤪) But I read to grow my mind. To Mentally put myself in the Best place! .
Then after about 15 minutes of that. I do my workout! This is all for ME! .
It’s working well!

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