Stay at home mom life

With my job. We’re told to share our days how we incorporate the healthy lifestyle into it. How the business is incorporated into it. All I can think is my life is BORING. 🤣😂.


But then I thought about it. How many Moms, how many women could relate?


I thought all I ever wanted was to be a stay at home mom. Then I did it and it wasn’t all it cracked out to be. Don’t get me wrong. Love my babies. But I missed having an identity besides “Mom, wife, home maker.” I missed not feeling guilty when I wanted to treat myself. Spare me on the what’s his is ours. My husband never said it wasn’t the guilt is still there. I wanted to contribute more then taking care of things at home, cooking dinners, and budgeting.


I never appreciated my body before kids, always had low self esteem. But after babies I really didn’t! I gained 60 lbs with my first, I was young and would say I can’t do anything fun right now besides eat the big bacon classic. I would also tell myself things like I’m a Mom this is just the way I will feel about now with my body. You know hating how your clothes fit, never getting changed in front of anyone including your spouse, basically being disgusted with yourself. Eating BBCs because that burger would fix everything. Saying things like I hate working out, I don’t have time. I’m busy doing, well whatever the hell I was doing.


The way I snapped out of all this and got started was not a pleasant one. I can’t say I’m thankful that losing my father got my shit together. Got me to do more.


But I can say this business has been perfect for me in every way. I am confident, happy and healthy. I contribute to the family in more ways than homemaker, wife, mom. And we have this vision that my husband backs fully. Plus I love it! 2018 I have doubled my earnings and I see big things happening in 2019. Want to join me?


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