I don’t have your Motivation.

You guys! I hear this so much…

“I want to lose weight but I am not motivated enough.”

“I want to join you, but I don’t have your Motivation.”

“I wish I had your motivation.”

Listen BULL SHIT. I don’t have my Motivation. LOL the term in itself is Bull Shit! You know what I  am saying? Tough Love here. If you are saying this over and over again. But then constantly complaining about your weight, or how your clothes fit or how unhealthy and tired you are. Maybe you should recheck your priorities. Maybe you should drop the motivation excuse, because that is exactly what it is and just do it. Just Start.

I am being 100% honest when I say I DO NOT always want to work out. But I am DEDICATED. I am dedicated to my health, and to the people that join me. So I will show up no matter what. Is it always perfect? Hell no! Who cares?


I run fitness groups, how can I tell my girls do your workout today when I am not?

So here are my tips to get started…

  1. Make a Goal
  2. Tell someone have them hold you accountable. And check in with you. even call you out on your shit when you are not showing up!
  3. Do something that will get you towards your goal every single day.
  4. Put some skin in the game. If you are anything like me you do not have a budget to just waste the money!
  5. Remember that its not always about weight loss that its about being healthier! More energy.
  6. Remember you’re not always going to want to, but you’ll feel better when you do!

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