Phase 3 Ultimate Reset – Restore

I did it! I finished! 21 Days of a cleanse with zero cheats. I do have to say for me this phase was the hardest. As you Restore, you’ll eliminate grains and legumes to focus on a simple, cleansing, fruit- and vegetable-based diet. And taking out the grains made me groggy at first. I was ready to be done too. LOL

The first 4 days of this phase I did not feel great. Then after I got through that . My energy spiked and I felt amazeballs. Not only did this cleanse help me. But I had energy to do things that have been driving me insane for a long time! I cleansed my house of a ton of unwanted crap! Like I had restless energy. I could not stop or sit still lol. Sleep is great and I an happy to report after I have no cravings. I am drinking coffees again but I don’t feel the need for a pot. I just love it. HA!

I was able to stay on a budget and complete this plan as well! It was necessary with a family of 5. So I stuck to certain meals!!

My day, up drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize (helps your body absorb nutrients), take 2 revitalize (Helps support beneficial flora in the digestive tract) 30 min later breakfast.

Breakfast 3 cups of Fruit.

Wait 2hrs drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize, 2 revitalize.

Lunch Spinach salad with cucumber baked sweet potato, avacado, and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Wait 2hrs and drink the Power Greens. Still gross. But got it in!

30 min snack of Vegan Shakeology!

Wait 2 hrs at least drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize and 2 soothe (supports digestive health), 2 revitalize. Wait 30 min.

Dinner. I had either garlic veggies with sweet potato, a did 2 days of a roasted squash and lemon green beans but after eating this once I felt sick. So then I did the sweet potato  roasted red pepper bisque and a sweet potato. Tons of sweet potatoes but it was good!

Exercise was kept light yoga and walking still.


I was shocked! I am down 11.7 lbs and 9.25 inches. I did not do this to lose weight I wanted to feel better. I wanted to sleep past 3 am without sweating my ass off. I wanted to kick menopausal symptoms to the curb and that is exactly what I did! No cravings now minimal hot flashes. I feel that energy I had as a child. I recommend this to everyone and wish I would have done this years ago!!

Curious about it! Lets chat!

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