Ultimate Reset – Week 1 Reclaim

This Cleanse is something that terrified me! Im not kidding. I do not like to be super restrictive with food. Like at all. I like beer and wine and i want to enjoy those beverages when ever the hell I feel like, because. I am an Adult. And that is one of the perks of adulting. Maybe one of the only…. After years of medications for endometriosis. Surgeries, and pain pills in the recovery. I just felt well tired.

After having both ovaries removed in December 2017 I was feeling better than ever, pain free. Then the menopause symptoms hit. And they hit hard! I have a really bad  visual memory of me pacing outside of our tent on labor day, because they were coming on so strong. I thought like I was dying. I felt as if I was suffocating in my own body. I didn’t think I would escape. I didn’t think they would e For those of you that have never experienced a hot flash. It is like being lit on fire from the inside. They come on fast and sometimes furiously. and sometimes. Constant.  Recently I had not been sleeping from 3 am on. I would just lie there and sweat. Go through the day exhausted then do it again. Get my workout in get on with my day. Then another surgery was needed for my wrist. More anesthesia, more recovery, more pills. And still hot flashes.

One of my coaches got the kit! And I was telling her how I wanted to do it, just could not right now. Well by some grace of god she was given an extra one. I know right? And gifted me it! I got it and Im like ill wait till January!  Because well its fall Pumpkin beer is out, fires and i can’t miss that.

Then i tried to sleep…. you know what happened?

So I started researching planning and started that bitch 4 days after the kit. For those of you that  know me and see the pictures and think why you cleansing? You don’t need to lose any weight. I didn’t do it for that. I needed to reset myself!

They do provide a reset in a pinch suggesting to follow the full plan. Here’s the thing. I don’t have the budget to buy everything needed and I did not want to take the time to make everything daily. Yes I am home. But I am busy. I run a business and when the kids get home mayhem. You feel me?

So I picked the meals I knew I would eat! I ate the same meal for 7 days.And I prepped for that in batches. Making 3 -4 days work the at a time.

I do not mind eating the same thing on repeat if it’s delish.

It is a ton of food! And it was good, well except the power greens. Yuck but if I can do a shot of Yukon I can handle that.

My day, up drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize (helps your body absorb nutrients) 30 min later.

Breakfast. The only meal that I swapped occasionally. Was oats, organic plain yogurt topped with natural maple syrup, and berries. Or fruit and organic plain yogurt topped with natural maple syrup.

Wait 2 hrs at least drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize (helps your body absorb nutrients) 30 min later.

Lunch Greek salad. With chicken. I took out any veggie that I knew I would not eat. And could not find one nuts so I used sunflower seeds (roasted and unsalted) made the dressing!

Wait 2 hrs at least drink 12 ounces of distilled water take power greens!

Wait 30 mins and snack. Which was an green apple with 15 raw almonds. Or Vegan Shakeology.

Wait 2 hrs at least drink 12 ounces of distilled water take 2 optimize and 2 soothe (supports digestive health). Wait 30 min.

Dinner honesty delicious. Quinoa with a veggie stir fry and cucumber salad.

Tons of water throughout the day! And I also did a hot water with stevia lemon and cayenne pepper in the morning. I miss coffee lol.

I was hungry day 1. Simply because of the adjustment of food. I mean I housed everything I could the night before and had a beer.

Who wouldn’t? But after I was satisfied with the meals.

Day 4 I felt a bit achy and 5 I had a slight headache. But that’s it.

The positive… my energy is up! Sleep oh sleep. I sleep solid until like 5-530. No hot flashes and sweats all through the night. For me that is amazing! Happy and content.

PROUD! I did something that scared me and made it through work at Buffalo Wild Wings running the kids, and a kids bday party with out a single cheat!


In the first week. I am down 6.2 lbs and 3 inches.

Bring on week 2!!

The meals change a bit. But with some prep and the shopping list we got this!

I would love to talk to you about upcoming groups or if you think you would benefit to doing this cleanse.

Email coachkalawilliamson@gmail.com

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