2B Mindset Honest review…

You sign up for this nutrition plan and immediately get access to 44 videos online, you get a 90 day tracker, water bottle, recipe book, on the go plan, and support from your coach.  All of this was designed by Ilana Muhlstein. She is a registered dietician. And to see her in person you are charged roughly around $300 for an hour. You get pretty much all of her tips in these videos for a fraction of the cost and it is a one time fee. No brainer.



Now the tips are easy, but really this is an approach I have never thought of. I am not a huge advocate for the scale, prior to this program. I weighed myself weekly if I was doing a program strictly and really for the first time, so i could show the results possible. If I wasn’t being strict I would avoid that bitch like the plague. The scale had the ability to make me feel awful, if I had any feeling that the number on the scale was going to be going up i would never step on it! She uses it as a daily learning tool. The number does not define you, its just there to say is today a weight-loss  day, or am I learning? I do not know why it has clicked finally to use it like that. When I jump on the scale and it goes up, I know well Kala you drank 15 beers at that wedding and were a huge fan of the cookie table.

So I have been following this plan for over a month now. Within seconds of watching her video I loved her. The concept of its not cheating if you track it. Changing my mindset completely. I don’t have any guilt for enjoying things now. I am learning the best way to eat for my body in maintenance without being super strict. I am never hungry or if I am i  know water first. Veggies most. I have learned some pretty awesome ways to substitute vegetables for other foods.  Exercise is EXTRA credit~! For me I am working out regardless I am used to it and for me health is eating good and working out. But for people not ready yet to commit to a workout, that want to loose a bit first, and get their eating better OMG this program is the way to go!

The best thing is the group of girls I am doing this with!

They are all doing amazing. The support. How they are feeling. the successes they are having. I have a girl that is down over 15 lbs since we started. Another down 7.6 in just 2 weeks with no exercise.

I was skeptical at first with the program. But I am so very happy I gave it a try! World of difference. I 100% recommend this! and know I can live a very happy and healthy life following this plan at a freaking great deal!

Would you like to join us? The group is on going! And self paced. Lets talk about it!

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