2B Mindset!

What is 2B Mindset?

Well, watch the video… LOL it explains so much! 2B mindset is a weight loss program and a breakthrough new way of eating that will keep you satisfied and from being deprived.

No Longer will you,

  • Count Calories
  • Measure foods
  • Cut out food groups

No food is off limits!!! There is no “bad” food. It really covers emotional eating. It is all about mindset and  what makes this program really unique is that it will change your mindset and help you conquer some of the underlying reasons you’ve struggled to lose the weight and keep it off.

The creator of 2B Mindset Ilana Muhlstein is a registered dietitian nutritionist-the highest standard in the field of nutrition.  She has built a thriving private practice in Beverly Hills and helped hundreds of people lose weight happily-and keep it off.  She is also a wife, mother and is pregnant with her second child.

When Is it available?

2B Mindset is being released on May 2nd! There is actually a Promo of $20 Off for the first month!

Included with the 2B Mindset Kit is:

Permanent streaming access to all 2B Mindset videos, including:

  • 21 short videos that teach the basic principles of the program, including how to understand food groups, what to eat and when, Ilana’s proven secrets to a positive  mindset, plus real-life strategies for managing any eating situation (i.e., eating out at restaurants, while on a trip, for vegans/vegetarians, etc.)
  • 5 videos that help address the most common challenges to losing weight and establishing a healthier relationship with food
  • 15 recipe videos where Ilana shows you how to cook her favorite time-saving, delicious and satisfying meals…in no time.
  • The Getting Started Guide, which includes step-by-step instructions for putting the program into action.
  • My Go-to-Guide, a handy resource that accompanies the videos, featuring food lists, grocery shopping lists and more
  • 2B Mindset Recipes booklet, a collection of Ilana’s favorite healthy meals, which can be printed for handy reference
  • My Tracker, a 90-day journal you can use to track your meals, progress, and all the daily inputs that can influence your weight loss journey and success
  • A special 30 oz water bottle that helps get you drinking more water with Ilana’s motivational sayings to keep you on track
  • Starting on 6/4/18, you’ll have access to the Beachbody Nutrition+ App that lets you view all 2B Mindset videos (and program materials) on-the-go, and gives you a place to track your meals and your progress, right on your mobile device (iOS only)

Want more info on this program? Email me! coachkalawilliamson@gmail.com

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