Surgical menopause

Laparoscopic surgery is amazing! My tiny bilateral scars are barely seen… the scars completely hidden are internal. Some days I’m completely at peace with the past 3 yrs others I am pissed off. How can something that is supposed to be completely natural in a woman’s body wreak havoc in mine? .

Working out has taught me strength, been a place to work out my irritation. Been a place where I don’t think about what my future will look like in my new phase of life. A place where I can test my limits and push myself further. And grow confidence.

I spent an entire year on a medicine that completely changed my body. That only worked for 6-7 weeks out of the 3 month cycle. Where I was gaining weight matter what I did. I thought that would be normal post op. I was wrong! It’s really not about the number on the scale but I felt off. My clothes were tight! I hate that.

So happy that after surgery and in surgical menopause instead of medicated. I feel like I’m getting back to myself on a physical level. Mentally it’s a work in progress. This has given me strength at times.

The workouts I have been doing are awesome, and with the meal plan I know what to eat and when I feel satisfied and I honestly don’t miss all the shit that I used to comfort myself for so long! I’m excited to see what the end looks like. But I’ll take this one day at a time.

Thank you to all of you that have shown support in my time of need.

Can I ask if you’re ready to join me yet?


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