Phase 2 80 Day Obsession

I am on my 3rd week into phase 3 and I will not lie, I completely forgot to keep you all updated. Ha! Sorry… For those of you that follow I have been doing weekly updates on my Facebook.

For Phase 2 I decided I did not want to lose any more weight so I bumped up to the maintenance plan. Which moved me to Plan D. This is a shit ton of food. hahahahah

It really freaked me out at first. I have never eaten this much when I was not on a plan. EVER!

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.22.33 PM

Looking at this and thinking what the hell do the colors mean? Well…

Green- Veggies

Purple- Fruit

Red- Protein

Yellow- Carbs

Blue – healthy fats like cheese, avocado, hummus, nuts

Orange – Seeds, or dressings

tsp- is oil, butter, nut butter

So no hunger on this plan!

Phase 2 is actually a bulk phase so you are building the muscle up.

The workout plan is as follows.

Booty – 60 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Resistance Loops.

Cardio Core- 40 min

  • Slides
  • Resistance loops

Legs – 40 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Strength Slides.

AAA -60 min

  • Weights (light,
  • medium,
  • heavy),
  • Resistance Loops,
  • Strength Slides

Cardio flow -40 min

  • 6 Reps of each move

Each week the reps change. You start 15 reps going through 2 times. Week 2 is 10 reps 3 times. Week 3 you do a group of moves 10 reps then repeat 3 times before moving on to the next group. Week 4 you do that again but 15 reps 2 times. So same moves the whole 4 weeks but it was always different and how much weight you used would change. The moves in this phase were more compound, meaning every single move worked more muscles at one time. I never got bored and I really loved this Phase.

For my results. I ended up gaining 1.3 lbs. and lost an additional 3 inches totaling me at 10.5.

Here are my progress pics from the beginning to the end of Phase 2.




Surgical menopause

Laparoscopic surgery is amazing! My tiny bilateral scars are barely seen… the scars completely hidden are internal. Some days I’m completely at peace with the past 3 yrs others I am pissed off. How can something that is supposed to be completely natural in a woman’s body wreak havoc in mine? .

Working out has taught me strength, been a place to work out my irritation. Been a place where I don’t think about what my future will look like in my new phase of life. A place where I can test my limits and push myself further. And grow confidence.

I spent an entire year on a medicine that completely changed my body. That only worked for 6-7 weeks out of the 3 month cycle. Where I was gaining weight matter what I did. I thought that would be normal post op. I was wrong! It’s really not about the number on the scale but I felt off. My clothes were tight! I hate that.

So happy that after surgery and in surgical menopause instead of medicated. I feel like I’m getting back to myself on a physical level. Mentally it’s a work in progress. This has given me strength at times.

The workouts I have been doing are awesome, and with the meal plan I know what to eat and when I feel satisfied and I honestly don’t miss all the shit that I used to comfort myself for so long! I’m excited to see what the end looks like. But I’ll take this one day at a time.

Thank you to all of you that have shown support in my time of need.

Can I ask if you’re ready to join me yet?