Phase 1 – 80 Day Obsession

I made it through the first phase!! And I LOVE it. That being said it was an adjustment. Wrapping your head around timed nutrition was different. I mean I ate every 2-3 hours before, well for the most part. But I mixed up what I was eating. So to eat the way she combined the meals was the hard part. Also, eating before your workout. I normally would wake up and go. So it was different fueling myself before I pushed play.

I started in Plan B for weight loss. What did that look like?

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 11.51.13 AM

I moved Meal option 1 to my pre workout. Since I get up at 515 so I want to drink my shakeology and get right to my workout. I also don’t wait 60-90 min before i do the workout. My stomach does not need it!

Looking at this and thinking what the hell do the colors mean? Well…

Green- Veggies

Purple- Fruit

Red- Protein

Yellow- Carbs

Blue – healthy fats like cheese, avocado, hummus, nuts

Orange – Seeds, or dressings

tsp- is oil, butter, nut butter

Easy right?

I started the program, in a detox sort of. Eating very clean, I normally eat pretty good but totally cheat way more then I ever admitted. But I was freaking DETERMINED to stick to this plan. So the first week of this my energy started to go up, but I got a lot of headaches. And I would be done by 8pm.

Week 2 though! Sleep was great energy up so full. Felt amazing. Same with week 3, then week 4 I started to feel hungry again, my metabolism was revved up. YAY! I dealt with the hunger. Knowing that I was going to be recalculating on Sunday and probably switching plans.

The Workouts.

You do 6 days on 1 off. And that off day you rest or stretch no supplementing with additional workouts. Your plan is as follows

  1. Total Body Core – 60 min (Weights & Resistance Loops)
  2. Booty – 60 min (resistance Loops)
  3. Cardio Core – 40 Min (strength slides)
  4. AAA – 50 min (Weights, Resistance loops, and strength slides)
  5. Legs- 50 min (weights)
  6. Cardio flow

Each week the reps change. You start 15 reps going through 2 times. Week 2 is 10 reps 3 times. Week 3 you do a group of moves 10 reps then repeat 3 times before moving on to the next group. Week 4 you do that again but 15 reps 2 times. So same moves the whole 4 weeks but it was always different and how much weight you used would change. I was amazed on how much stronger I am than I thought. And although you get the moves down they never really become easy. I never got bored the entire time which is amazing. I have ADD with workouts.

Phase 1 Results

I am down 9.2 lbs and 7.5 Inches total. 2 inches off my waist and 1 off my hips. Check out my before and afters….

Today starts PHASE 2. The workouts are different. The sequence in how you do them is different and they are more compound. I moved into maintenance for phase 2 and good lord it is so much freaking food. I cannot wait to see what happens this month!

Want to join me? I start my next 80 Day Test Group Next Monday. 5 SPOTS LEFT!! Fill this out and lets talk


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