3 Day Refresh

I decided to do a little cleanse to start the new year to get all the gunk out of my system for having both surgeries in December.

The Cleanse I did is not  a juice cleanse but it is plant based. I won’t lie and say its easy because you are cutting all carbs, animal protein and junk. For the 3 days and you are following a pretty strict plan. But it will do exactly what you want it to. Also it is recommended that if you do workout you stick to something light. And there is a yoga plan that they cleated specifically for the 3 day refresh.

What your day looks like.

  • Wake and immediately drink 8-12 ounces of water.
  • Within an hour of waking is breakfast which is Shakeology with fruit. (From a list provided.)
  • An hour after breakfast you have an optional herbal tea
  • Mid Morning Fiber sweep (digestive health drink)
  • Lunch Vanilla Fresh Shake (High protein shake that is dairy and soy free) You also get veggies and a fruit with a Healthy Fat all from the provided list)
  • Afternoon snack of a veggie and healthy fat
  • Optional herbal tea
  • Dinner Vanilla fresh shake and a dinner recipe (provided) with an optional cup of organic veggie broth.
  • Optional evening herbal tea


Drink tons of water and the herbal tea really helps. Also eating the same stuff will make it cheaper and have all your veggies cut and ready to go.


Over the 3 days I lost 6.6 lbs and 6 inches total. It made it easier to get back on track with nutrition.

Want to ry out the 3 day Refresh? Go here

Interested in Future Fitness accountability groups with me?




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