Motivated or stubborn

“I just don’t have your motivation.”

this is an excuse I hear ALL THE TIME.

You guys Motivation in itself is kind of bullshit. I don’t have motivation, I have what I like to call being Stubborn Ass. Ha Seriously.

I hit a point, after my Dad died where I realized what I was doing to myself.
What my future could look like.
What my kids future could look like.
And what was even worse…
What their future could look like with me not in it. With me missing out on everything I wanted to see them accomplish.

That is like a kick in the face. That was not OK with me.

That is when Mama bear stepped in and said I REFUSE to do that, to them. I REFUSE to let my excuses hold my health and happiness back. I REFUSE for that to be their life. I was so traumatized. His death changed me forever. I will NOT do that if I can help it. I was going to do EVERYTHING in my power to prevent it.

I got to work. I started small. I started working out. I changed my diet. I started to see changes. I started to lose weight. I started to get toned. I started to get more energy. And guess what I started to kind of crave this feeling. I don’t always love working out or want to do it. It is the accomplishment I feel after.

And then I started Paying it forward. I run these fitness groups monthly to help you because whether you realize it now. It is important.

Your Health is Important. You are WORTH it. And if you don’t realize that yet there is SOMEONE in your life that is.

Sometimes you start out for your loved ones. And then it ends up being for you.
Sometimes you just need Somebody that has your back.


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