Back to school

So school back in session actually in the 3rd week back. I was so freaking ready for them to go back to school I almost took champagne to the freaking bus stop.

I was ready to have a schedule again and get these kids out of my face. I love them but a summer with a house full of kids mama needed a break!

So here we are.

Now 3 weeks in.

I'm over school haha I had my break now comes the completely hectic mess. Of homework and activities. Emails out the ass of what's coming up and what happened this week. What we did today.

PS did I mention this email goes to the account that I have had for over 10 yrs. so yeah it gets lost.

Can't I just ask my kid what happened? Do I really need a play by play from 15 different people. I am pretty sure my mom never had a freaking clue until she saw a bad grade. Can we go back to that please?

Am I alone in this?

Is this the new norm?


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