Getting Back on The Fitness Wagon


WE all do it! Start a plan and then JUMP from the damn wagon. I believe that not only having time to cheat and enjoy yourself is crucial, but completely necessary at times. You need to relax and enjoy a weekend away. But you need to learn that when you come back to what you were doing before.

How do you do that? Go from one extreme to the other?

Heres some tips that I have.


  1. Have a plan. Seriously. If you know you are going to be gone for 3 days. Plan on what you are going to do when you get back. Whether that be getting the workout you missed in or heading to the grocery store to get the food that you need to get successfully back on track.
  2. Rest. When you get back have a lazy day. Drink a shit ton of water and get some well needed sleep. You’re body needs to recover from the lack of sleep that you had from being away from your norm.
  3. Realize that it does not need to be all or nothing. When you fuck up, because you will you’re human. Learn its ok. Don’t throw in the towel. Start fresh and give yourself grace. This Journey does not have to be perfect.

These work for me. I also am always a part of an accountability group. When I try to be a lazy ass and not get back on the wagon I go in there. See everyone else doing something to better themselves and I just do it.

Everyones journey is different.



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