Weights for the ladies

I went back to lifting pretty much all lifting. Heavier with a day of cardio added in there.

I forgot how much I love it.

I have what I call A.D.D for workouts. I love to try all the newest ones, show you all the results. But then I need something different. I was forgetting about how much I prefer to lift.

My body responds the best this way. I still get my heart rate up and a good sweat. I love the feel after. Feeling stronger and accomplished. The soreness of your muscles as you bump up the weights.

Here is a 5 week difference of doing this plan

Ladies lifting has benefits!

  • Lose body fat
  • Battle Osteoporosis (huge for me since I am in medicated menopause)
  • Gain strength not bulkiness
  • Increase mood/ reduce stress
  • Reduce back pain and sit up straighter
  • Burn more calories all day long
  • Build confidence
  • Feel better
  • Look better
  • May cause happiness

So don’t let the fear of getting too “bulky” hold you back!

I will be running another fitness challenge group on October 23rd! Let’s chat



Clean Week

Available on October 3rd. This new week long program is a way to introduce you into exercise and Clean Eating.

With this you get 4 workouts, a Step-by-step meal planner, and a week supply of shakeology, all with my support.  This way you can see if you are ready to make a bigger commitment in your health and fitness journey.

This program is for anyone that has tried and failed a fitness program. Wants to start but isn’t really sure what to do and is intimidated by a full program. It is only 7 days.

Today I got to try Core Function!

All about the abs, but not really with all core workouts on the floor. This ads some functional exercises that you do in everyday life and definitely adds some leg work. I got a good sweat in. 35 min total

Focus on your mindset!

Lately I have really been digging into Personal Development and working on Mind Set Getting your mind to have belief in yourself. Because honestly your biggest obstacle is YOU!

Holy Shit can you feel a difference when you mentally feel great as well as physically. So feeling down start reading personal development. Don’t like to read? Then listen. You can get a free 30 day trial to audible.com. Youtube has amazing free content. I find stuff to listen to daily on my walks. Also there are Podcasts.

I also got some Books on CD from the local library. See loading up HA!

I have a free group starting for how to start off your Morning Successfully.

Your miracle morning


Finding yourself again

I don’t know what it is about when you become a Mom. It is the best thing in the entire world. It really is. Your whole world is your kids and they’re activities. They’re routines. They are your life.

So much so that you forget about you. What you did for yourself before you became a mother and What you and your significant other used to do before you became parents. Its weird. It is like you completely forget about your life before kids. I honestly can’t remember what it was like.

You do however need to make the time to find yourself again. Not just for your own sanity but to be  a better person, wife, mother.

Some tips I have.

  1. Wake up before them and sweat. Get a workout in before the insane day starts. This takes some getting used to but once the habit is formed you will not break it.
  2. Personal Development. Get yourself in a good mental state! Mental Health is so super important. You have everyone relying on you.
  3. Eat healthy. You will feel better!
  4. Get some zzzzzzs. I know you put them to bed you want some time for yourself. But staying up late to watch something dumb really isn’t helping you out at all. Get some well deserved rest.
  5. Schedule a date night. Get a sitter. Spend some quality time with your spouse I do not mean go out and get hammered. Just you 2 go to dinner, or rent a movie and watch it in. There was a reason you had kids to begin with. Don’t forget that.
  6. Get out by yourself occasionally. Taking a mental break for you is so crucial.


Back to school

So school back in session actually in the 3rd week back. I was so freaking ready for them to go back to school I almost took champagne to the freaking bus stop.

I was ready to have a schedule again and get these kids out of my face. I love them but a summer with a house full of kids mama needed a break!

So here we are.

Now 3 weeks in.

I'm over school haha I had my break now comes the completely hectic mess. Of homework and activities. Emails out the ass of what's coming up and what happened this week. What we did today.

PS did I mention this email goes to the account that I have had for over 10 yrs. so yeah it gets lost.

Can't I just ask my kid what happened? Do I really need a play by play from 15 different people. I am pretty sure my mom never had a freaking clue until she saw a bad grade. Can we go back to that please?

Am I alone in this?

Is this the new norm?

Getting Back on The Fitness Wagon


WE all do it! Start a plan and then JUMP from the damn wagon. I believe that not only having time to cheat and enjoy yourself is crucial, but completely necessary at times. You need to relax and enjoy a weekend away. But you need to learn that when you come back to what you were doing before.

How do you do that? Go from one extreme to the other?

Heres some tips that I have.


  1. Have a plan. Seriously. If you know you are going to be gone for 3 days. Plan on what you are going to do when you get back. Whether that be getting the workout you missed in or heading to the grocery store to get the food that you need to get successfully back on track.
  2. Rest. When you get back have a lazy day. Drink a shit ton of water and get some well needed sleep. You’re body needs to recover from the lack of sleep that you had from being away from your norm.
  3. Realize that it does not need to be all or nothing. When you fuck up, because you will you’re human. Learn its ok. Don’t throw in the towel. Start fresh and give yourself grace. This Journey does not have to be perfect.

These work for me. I also am always a part of an accountability group. When I try to be a lazy ass and not get back on the wagon I go in there. See everyone else doing something to better themselves and I just do it.

Everyones journey is different.