Week 3 – 3 Week Yoga Retreat Progression


Thank god! In all seriousness I feel way better. I totally needed this. I had very tight hammies and I needed a break. I didn’t just want to take a full break. It took me a long time to form the habit of getting 30 min a day in and taking weeks off is not something I want to do. You see I could take time off but would that have helped with the tightness and achey muscles? Probably not. I needed to STRETCH!

This one adds on to what you did in expansion week. Which adds on to foundation. Was it anything crazy? No, You flow a bit more and sweat a bit more. For me this was good. I was starting to go a little crazy lol. And I still don’t like the Relax day on day 6. Why because it was super slow.

Crazy thing though! I had this MISCONCEPTION that this break would take away all the results I have worked my ass off for. And although I had the intention of being strict with nutrition I was not, because I don’t believe in completely depriving yourself. I think that puts you off the deep end and you end up binge eating on all the shit you were avoiding! I believe in moderation. Does this take some sacrifice? Yes it does. But I stay active and I eat healthy most of the time! I indulge too.

So who do I recommend this too?

Anyone starting off this workout thing is new to you, this is a great program to jump in with! Anyone that is not a yoga lover (ME) that does intense workouts most of the time but started to feel like they needed some rest. I think a yoga lover may get bored but what the hell do I know. You may love it to!


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