3 Week Yoga Retreat- Week 1 Foundation



Im doing this thing. Its called Yoga. Have you heard of it?

Kidding I am sure you have. A lot of people swear by it they love it. They go to the studios and it calms them, keeps them limber, helps them relax.

Well it drives me INSANE! I use my workout time to destress and I have a very go, go, go personality. So I destress with a kick ass workout. Usually almost dying during it. (Im exaggerating ) But I like weights and fast paced workouts. I want to destress by throwing around Iron, and punching things. LOL I will throw a yoga in occasionally or if they have it on the schedule. It does feel good. I just like the workouts that don’t give you the time to think where you have to focus on the move or you may hurt yourself. I am not very zen.

I do see Yogis doing bad ass poses and want to do them, then can’t and get super frustrated. Yeah Yeah I know you need to practice in order to get that advanced. Well that means I would actually have to Yoga more…

When this workout came out in August of last yr. I looked at it said ummm never gonna do that. I ignored it.

I’ve been throwing some yoga here and there. But I have not given myself a day off in workouts in over 2 months. I went from the 21 Day Fix Extreme directly into a core De Force Hybrid and everything  felt so tight! My back was killing me due to tight hammys. 

So I made the choice to do this! And I was determined to give my body some “rest”. 

I’m really trying to embrace the whole practice and be there for the workout not in what bill we need to pay! Don’t I look zen? 😜

Week 1 is Foundation! It is the ground work of all the core moves of yoga. Breaks them down with out the Oming and the stuff I could not get into in yoga.

I can feel the stresses and tightness leaving my body. 

Each workout is 30 min or less, you go through





Flow on the go


Day 7 is an AM, Abs, PM each one is 10 min you can do one or all. 

First 5 days done with one instructor for week one it’s Vytas. Days 6&7 are Faith. 

He really gets you to focus and be present for the workout. Which for Yoga is tough for me! But I’m letting it go. Go ahead and sing.

You’re welcome!

I was convinced that I would lose all of the hard work I put in. Like all the toning I busted my ass to get! But I think I really needed it and a break did my body good.

Before 3 week yoga

1 week into it! 

I started week 2 today. Expansion 


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