I have been drinking it pretty much daily for almost 4 years. Not saying I haven’t run out before because sometimes I do. This happens when I double up or the husband drinks it. Which how can I say no to that? 

Well after 4 yrs of drinking this nutrition shake, I’m a little embarrassed to say that, I don’t know too much about the ingredients in it.

 I do know that it is super beneficial fand good for me. I know it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, and super foods. I know that I feel way better when I drink it. That it keeps me full, combats cravings, regulates my digestion, helps my complexion, helps my hair and nails grow healthy and strong.
So with all these benefits to be completely honest, I didn’t really care what was in it. 

But I decided that I was going to learn about the ingredients and share them with you! 

Coming soon…


We will break it down together!

Interested in trying it? 

7 Day Samples here

Vegan samples here


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