Negative Nancy

Wanted to share a bit of what goes on in a Fitness Accountability Group. Today’s topic is the way you mentally approach the changes in your life.

Here’s a sneak peek 

Question? Have you started to think yet… 

“well maybe this isn’t for me?” 

“I’m not a person that exercises.”

 “I’m too tired to do this.”

 “I can’t”

 “I always give up anyway.” 

“I never will reach my goal.”
Your body will go anywhere your mind TELLS it too! You are stronger than you think you are! You just need to BELIEVE it.
1.Write down all the negative bull shit you keep thinking about yourself. Cross it out throw that right in the trash! 

2.Remember WHY you are here to begin with. This needs to be an extremely STRONG reason. NOTHING is going to get into your way! 

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